what a winter it will be (due to price increases)

The bills effect, but also the more general one of inflation, will be felt on consumers’ choices as early as the next few weeks. And they could affect Christmas, aggravating a situation in which even the businesses of commerce and tourism are in difficulty for their energy costs. Skyrocketing costs that have led many merchants to reduce their business and in some cases to close. Will the habits of Italians change?

Bills, 5 tips for a happy condominium: “Timed lights, lift only for the elderly”

Bills, what winter will it be?

“In recent months, the desire to leave the pandemic period behind has pushed household spending very strongly – observes Mariano Bella, director of the Confcommercio research office – if the government’s support continues, as is reasonable to foresee, then we we can wait for a slowdown in consumption in October and November and then a Christmas more or less like last year, which could still benefit from the desire of consumers to “console themselves” in some way with respect to what is happening ». In short, Italy “is not a destroyed country”. The real unknown, however, is what will happen after Christmas: without a sign of a turnaround on the energy price front, the expectations of business families could plummet again.

The snow cannons
costs soar
15% more expensive ski passes

In the mountains, energy expenditure now accounts for over 30 per cent of the turnover of the companies that manage the ski lifts, while previously the bar was positioned between 8 and 15 per cent. These are the data coming from the National Association of cableway operators. Without the ski lifts, white tourism remains on the ground, so the use of intermittent openings and shorter hours of activity is excluded. How does it come out? This winter, ski passes will cost an average of 10-15 percent more, according to forecasts. In some cases the increases have already taken place. “If we stop, the whole machine stops”, clarified the president of the National Association of cableway operators, Valeria Ghezzi. Even snow cannons could fire less: in reality, the latter heavily affect the account of the managers and therefore the impact could be less strong in the event of a very snowy season. But beyond the problems of the managers, the general economic situation could also discourage ski enthusiasts. They could opt for shorter skiing periods in resorts closer to home, instead of the traditional white weeks. (F. Bis.)

No party money
and illuminations: it will open
the hunt for sponsors

The alarm was in the air, but it was formalized by the mayor of Novara Alessandro Canelli, who also has the position of tax delegate in the Anci, the association of municipalities. From him came a quantification of the requests of local administrations to the next executive: further support for an additional billion, between now and the end of the year, to avoid cutting a series of services. “You risk having to stop the trams, keep parts of the cities in the dark, completely turn off the lights on the monuments and cut off the heating” explained Canelli without too many words. The first financial items to be cut could be those that normally serve to change the appearance of cities in view of the end of the year: lights, Christmas trees and various events for the New Year. In this sense, for example, the Municipality of Pescara is already moving, for which the storm of expensive bills has been added to an already difficult financial situation. The solution for many resource-strapped mayors may be to rely more on sponsorship contributions. (L. Ci.)

Less artisan panettone,
even sparkling wine
in crisis for expensive glass

After the exploits of the last 5 years (+ 12% in 2021) at Christmas the excellent – but expensive – panettone and artisanal pandoros will mark time. On the other hand, no drop in bookings for the approximately 20 industries in the sector. «The companies – says Mario Piccialuti, director of Unione Italiana Food – have had to manage the shortage of raw materials and the explosion of costs. But they succeeded by organizing the production cycles well and now producing at full speed and at the same quality ». Industrial panettone, often used as flirtatious products by large chains, should therefore not undergo cost increases (despite, for example, the 70% more expensive price of sugar). Not so the other inevitable holiday foods, starting with the sparkling wine that may even be missing. In fact, the glass of the bottles is missing (those of the bubbles are heavier) and in any case it costs 43% more. For the dinner, due to the costs of diesel fuel, fish will also undergo a 30% increase compared to 2021 and many more families will stay at home, also because there are fewer restaurants: according to Fipe-Confcommercio, 5,173 restaurants have ceased business under blows of the crisis in the last quarter alone. (CO)

Shopping with sobriety:
watch out for prices
and search for opportunities

Caution and sobriety will probably be the feelings that will guide Italians in the season of the Christmas holidays, which is also and above all the season of gifts. Shops and shopping centers may still be crowded, but the choice of gifts – and purchases in general – may require a little more caution. Inflation is making itself felt, it is true, but in recent months the price rush has not been the same in all sectors. In general – excluding energy costs – food products are those that have shown the greatest increases. But there are other items that have had more normal fluctuations: this is the case, for example, of the item “clothing and footwear” which up to the end of September had an acquired growth of “only” 1.7 percent, compared to +7 , 1 of the general index. So for this type of expense the field is much less mined. So far, increases in toys have also been contained, and even more in books. While some small appliances and other electronic items are becoming more expensive, also due to the shortage of some raw materials. (L. Ci.)

Default risk hotel:
hiccup openings
to try to resist

SOS arrive from North to South, from the sea to the mountains: around 15 percent of tourism facilities are at risk of default, according to some estimates. In Italy there are more than 30 thousand hotels, at least three thousand therefore may not arrive at Christmas. After all, in hotels, bills are eaten, Federalberghi recently calculated, about 20 per cent of revenues. In Puglia, the Caroli Hotels chain, overwhelmed by a half million euro bill for energy, more like a tsunami than an invoice, has just announced that it will close its doors. In the mountains it is no better. Here the hotels at high altitudes are studying intermittent openings for November and December so as not to risk being left with empty rooms and the heating on during the week. Another way out: raise prices. A move that however risks turning out to be a boomerang, given that the energy crisis also bites families. According to Confesercenti, “consumption could drop by 2.5 billion euros in the next quarter compared to the previous three months”. These consumption that in recent months have grown dramatically due to the effect of the exit from the Covid restrictions and the economic recovery. (F. Bis.)

More than doubled
airline tickets
Foreign tourists in the balance

Tour operators have also ended up in the tunnel of the energy crisis. The cost of flights has skyrocketed. To reach Beijing today you can spend up to 5 thousand euros. The latest Istat data show that on an annual basis the prices of intercontinental flights have increased by 176 percent, international ones by more than 128 percent while European flights cost about 110 percent more, the Codacons found. Translated, Italians will travel less. And we will have a more skimpy flow of foreign visitors to the beautiful country. Thus Franco Gattinoni, president of Confcommercio’s organized tourism federation: “We have enormous difficulties in building packages and offers for next year to be resold on international markets, because hotels and more tell you that they are unable to make quotes due to uncertainties. on the cost of energy and raw materials. There is a problem in terms of sales of the Italian product and I am also thinking of the mountains between now and the end of the year. At this stage we believe that household consumption should be adequately supported, but also the companies in the supply chain “. (F. Bis.)


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