What about the fan attacked by Wrzosek? We have a voice from Fame MMA

After the fight of the evening at FAME MMA 12, Marcin Wrzosek, former KSW champion, went down to the dressing room and clashed with the fans. The FAME MMA organization informed about the health of the injured fan.

Artur Babicz

Artur Babicz

an argument with Marcin Wrzosek

Twitter / In the photo: a row with Marcin Wrzosek

From the morning, the media live with non-sports events, which took place after the fight of the evening of the Fame MMA 12 gala. Marcin Wrzosek, after he lost to Cassius “Don Kasjo” Życiński, was unable to control his emotions and gave them vent to the fans sitting in the stands Tricity Ergo Arena.

Recordings of this event began to conquer social media (more on this HERE). The 34-year-old was asked about this by the media shortly after it happened. The player, however, did not want to comment on this.

Rumors circulating on social media said that one of the beaten fans required hospitalization. Hence, we asked about the details of this event from one of the authorities of the FAME MMA federation – Krzysztof Rozpara. We managed to get an answer.

– I was not a direct witness of this incident, I was informed about it. The person who participated in it was preventively subjected to a routine medical check by the medical support team present at the event. No further actions were needed than the medics, replied WP SportoweFakty Krzysztof Rozpara.

So it turns out that the fans’ guesses in social media were exaggerated, and the injured’s condition is not as serious as previously thought. It is also worth noting that after Saturday’s FAME MMA 12 gala, the KSW organization decided to part with its former champion Marcin Wrzosek (more on this HERE).

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