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The world of the celebrities will never be exempt from the gossip more outrageous. Sometimes the news run like wildfire, they become giant balls of snow that will not stop generating buzz, and the doubt it ends up turning into probably the impossible. The morbid viraliza rumors, and these are marked in the unconscious of the collective imagination despite the fact that some –most– are denied. The chest exploded Ana Obregon in the middle of a flight, the tear anal Alejandro Sanz or the version hermaphrodite of Lady Gaga already part of the gossip popular. Today I have touched Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld, True Blood) and Angelina Jolie (The exchange, Innocence interrupted), who have dawned matched by opinion of a magazine tabloid.

Delivered to the hour. To the edge of ecstasy. They lacked a wedding ring and the seventh son of Jolie. The tabloid australian Woman’s Day he has published a piece in which he said that “Angelina is madly in love with Evan,” and includes all sorts of details, far-out, as they both felt an attraction unstoppable during the celebration of a gala awards Screen Actors Guild and, thanks to a fortuitous coincidence of labour, resumed their good relationship while they recorded for Disney Maleficent, mistress of evil and Frozen II.

The news has been a bombshell, it has become viral and some major media outlets have already published their peculiar research. We’re not going to fool you: to no one would hire Sherlock as a trainee. After the typical flood of tweets, the own Evan Rachel Wood has responded in a message with his usual sarcasm: “I have managed to enter the Billboard and I’m going out with Angelina Jolie. Va. Already. I gave. A.”.

The first is on record: her duet with Idina Menzel in Show Yourselfthe popular song Frozen IIhas gotten Wood in the Billboard Hot 100who picks up the simple most popular in the united States. Has been in the post 99. Less is nothing. However, the specialized medium to dispel gossip of Hollywood stars, Gossip Cop, has done a rigorous analysis of the publication of Woman’s Day, has contacted people close to Jolie and has managed to demonstrate that, unless the two actresses lead a double life away from absolutely everything and everyone, it is impossible to be partner.

This is not the first time that I hunt this magazine in a lie: already dismantled the mess between Michelle Pfeiffer and Johnny Depp and the relationship sets between Angelina Jolie –what obsession– with a specialist The Avengers: Endgame. Sometimes selling smoke is too tempting.

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