What are the symptoms of dysmorphophobia and the celebrities who suffer from it

Belen Rodriguez arrives at Hyenas and talk about the symptoms of dysmorphophobia, the psychological disorder of some of the most fragile young people who, between cosmetic and social surgery, enter into crisis and psychological suffering by obsessively focusing on a physical defect, sometimes even non-existent. As the presenter explained during the transmission, for people suffering from this disorder, life and human relationships can become very complicated: the alleged defects, in fact, take over the life of those who suffer from it, leading to the isolation due to to the fear of exposing oneself or to the desire to modify some parts of the body. So let’s try to understand more about dysmorphophobia and its symptoms.

What is dysmorphophobia

Dysmorphophobia, or Body Dysmorphism Disorder, in fact, it is the preoccupation with a defect in physical appearance, which can be totally imaginary, or, if there is a real small physical anomaly, the concern of the subject is far beyond normal. Fears typically concern slight or absolutely imaginary defects of the face or head, such as more or less thick hair, wrinkles or sweating, but every part of the body can be the object of this pathology, even simultaneously.

People suffering from dysmorphophobia can spend hours obsessively thinking about their defects, real or imagined, reaching a real state of obsession that affects their social life: this is why it is a disorder of the obsessive-compulsive spectrum.

Symptoms of dysmorphophobia

How to know if you suffer from this disorder? Typical areas of concern are nose, hair, skin, teeth, breasts, belly / abdomen, and penis. THE symptoms of dysmorphophobia they are instead:

  • Wanting to disguise parts of the body, for example with make-up, hats, assuming unusual positions, etc.
  • Avoid direct light to prevent others from dwelling on alleged defects
  • Excessive checking in the mirror
  • Avoid mirrors to avoid having to observe yourself
  • Tease your skin or even remove it
  • Exercising excessively
  • Treating the body excessively
  • Tend to make many changes of clothes
  • Resorting or attempting to resort to plastic surgery

The VIPs who suffer from it

Many VIPs also demonstrate the symptoms of dysmorphophobia, starting with the beautiful Megan Fox who, during an interview, stated: “I suffer from dysmorphophobia. I have many deep-rooted insecurities ”. But also the very famous Kim Kardashianalready in 2017, he had told of suffering from body dysmorphism, aggravated by media pressure on him. In this regard, it should be emphasized that this pathology is enhanced by the environment in which one lives: in the case of the Kardashian, therefore, being continuously exposed to the attention of social media, any haters and the body shaming it can be very risky to mental health. Other stars who have reported having symptoms of dysmorphophobia are Uma Thurmanwho suffered from it after the birth of her first child, Robert Pattinson, Miley Cyrus And Michael Jackson.

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