What could have pushed Alessia and Giulia Pisanu, who died under a train in Riccione, onto the tracks

Alessia and Giulia Pisanu

Alessia and Giulia Pisanu

There yellow line, the one that cannot be crossed, is an obsession for commuters. As is the announcement that invites you to move away from it and that echoes with every passage of the train. That saving reach of the speaker, however, did not serve to preserve the lives of two young sisters, Alessia And Giulia Pisanu. Both teenagers, 15 and 17 years old, the latter lost their lives after being thrown off the platforms of the Riccione station. It was around 6.30 on Sunday 31 July and Giulia and Alessia had to return home, in the Bologna area, after an evening of Romagna nightlife. Fate, however, left them no way out. In the absence of cameras capable of providing objective and strong evidence exclusively of the testimonies of those present, it still remains a mystery what may have induced the two young women to move on the rails when a high-speed train was entering the station. It should be noted that the investigation launched by the Public Prosecutor is a “model 45”, that is, it does not contemplate any hypothesis of crime. And, consequently, excludes the presence of suspects. From the elements that emerged, however, it is possible, according to my point of view, to reconstruct the dynamics and motivations underlying a similar (and wicked) choice.

What really happened to Alessia and Giulia?

Does not convince meand perhaps not even the investigators, the version for which the death of Giulia and Alessia was the result of a careless crossing. The two sisters, in fact, were on their way home. In Madonna di Castenaso, in the province of Bologna.

It is therefore impossible that they thought of reaching track two, where a train headed for Ancona was leaving. Nor is the sudden desire to change destination plausiblesince a few minutes before the fatal encounter they had called his father to reassure him: soon they would be back home. Even more far-fetched is the hypothesis that both could have been absent-mindedly slipped just before being overwhelmed. A fatality, also this, which does not go well with the reconstruction proposed by eyewitnesses.

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So to try to understand what really happenedlacking objective feedback such as those of the cameras, is fundamental focus not only on the moments before impact, but also on the hours that preceded it.

The “confusional state” and the theft of documents

Returning from an evening at the Peter Pan nightclub, one of the best known on the Romagna Riviera, Alessia and Giulia had held back (perhaps) longer than they should. They were certainly in a hurry to get home, considering the phone call made to their father – understandably concerned – before the crash. In this scenario, they are added two variables definitely not negligible. The first, the visible and witnessed state of confusion in which one of the two sisters found herself. Not believed, at least at the moment, to be attributable to alcohol abuse. Considering that the investigator does not seem to be willing to order the toxicological tests.

The second, the theft of the bag containing the mobile phone and documents. These last two are elements that lead the way to a series of considerations that could be essential for the reconstruction of the dynamics. Let’s start with the general. Giulia and Alessia were in the midst ofadolescence. And adolescent boys, some more or less, go through a series of psycho-physical transformations that affect the perception they have of themselves and of everything that happens to them. Therefore, in this phase, the way of living and managing one’s emotions, such as frustration and anger, changes abruptly and moves away from the ordinary ways of perceiving problems. Let’s rewind the tape. One of the witnesses said that one of the two sisters appeared deeply disturbed and in a visible state of alteration. Could it therefore be likely that, in the throes of exasperated anxiety due to the loss of the telephone, one of the Pisanu was induced to throw herself into the middle of the rails, thus also pushing the other sister in the extreme attempt to save her? More in detail, it is plausible that the misfortune may have occurred because the girl who first threw herself on the tracks was in the throes of an excessive and amplified state of anxiety connected with the stealing of the smartphone.

This is not the place to reiterate how deleterious our being hyper-connected through mobile phones and tablets is to maintain a certain lucidity in discerning the priorities of life. Still contextualizing, however, it should be emphasized that adolescents spend most of their time glued to the screens of devices. In particular, children do everything with their mobile phones: they read, chat, buy concert tickets and travel tickets. That said, let’s try to imagine what it could have meant for one of the Pisanu sisters to be deprived of her smartphone. Then we add the fact that the two had just spent a long night at the disco after a grueling working afternoon and that they were late for returning home.

In this scenario, it could therefore be assumed that one of the two girls lost control and emotional clarity and threw herself between the rails. Perhaps a carelessness, a moment of neglect and unforgivable underestimation of risk. That typical adolescent feeling of bewilderment that could have plunged her into a confused state. Thus pushing the other sister to take the reins of the situation to try to save her. In my opinion, this is the most likely hypothesis and has to do with the theft suffered and in general with the hours before the crash. On the other hand, I do not believe that the suicidal hypothesis is absolutely possible. Despite being convinced of the raging situation of malaise, as mentioned, that situation was not in my opinion at the basis of the extreme gesture, but rather by an adolescent emptiness that determined the tragic ending.

Doctor Anna Vagli, jurist, forensic criminologist, journalist-publicist, expert in investigative psychology, technical inspection at the crime scene and criminal profiling. She is certified as an expert in applied neuroscience from Harvard University. Scientific director of the master’s degree in criminology in partnership with Studio Cataldi and Legal Education

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