What does help to migrants look like at the border? “The main problem of hypothermia”

– We can provide assistance on the spot as much as we are able to. We react to every case that requires help in this region (…) What gives us a sense of agency is the return from the intervention, that we did what we could and the person who needed help received it – said Aleksandra Rutkowska in the morning program of Onet.

Migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border

In recent months, thousands of people from the Middle East and Africa have come to Belarus to join the European Union. First they headed towards Lithuania and Latvia, now they are going to Poland. It is organized and facilitated by the regime of Alexander Lukashenka, which wants to put pressure on the European Union in this way.

Every day, the Border Guard informs about hundreds of “attempts to cross the border illegally”. According to her data, in September there were over 7,000 of them. Only in the first week of October – another over 3.6 thousand. The Border Guard claims that the vast majority of them “prevented”.

The bodies of migrants are found at the border. In September, in the forests near Giby, border guards found the body of a dark-skinned man. He is an Iraqi migrant who died of hypothermia trying to cross the border. At the same time, the Border Guard informed that the bodies of three people had been found in the border region with Belarus.

On September 27, over 20 migrants, including women and eight children, were sent to the Border Guard post in Michałów. The Border Guard informed that the border guards “returned these people to the border line with Belarus, ie the state where they are legally residing”.

“Border Guard officers informed foreigners about the possibility of submitting an application for international aid, but the children’s parents refused to submit such an application in Poland. These persons were only interested in submitting an application for international assistance in Germany” – said the Border Guard.

Since the beginning of September, a state of emergency has been in place in the border zone of the Podlaskie and Lubelskie voivodeships related to the presence of migrants at the border. At the end of September, the Sejm decided to extend the state of emergency at the border with Belarus for 60 days.

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