What does POV mean on TikTok?

The expression is an abbreviation of the term

The expression is an abbreviation of the term “Point of View” (Getty Image)

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  • How did the “TikTok seducer” utilize POV?

Sometimes we feel old when we get on social media and don’t understand what younger people are saying. With the constant emergence of new slang, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with what is happening on each platform.

TikTok, the favorite platform for children and teenagers, has several expressions and hashtags that can confuse the minds of those who are now entering the application’s universe.

One of the most famous expressions is the “POV”. In addition to Ariana Grande’s song name, the expression is an abbreviation of the term “Point of View” or, in Portuguese, point of view.

When the acronym appears, it means that the post will put you in a kind of point of view. The hashtag commonly appears in posts that address topics that will assign a role to the viewer.

It came about to put together videos where the content creator speaks directly to the camera, as if talking face to face with the viewer.

Roi… Letícia, right?

It can be used in different occasions, from horror to teenage fantasies. In this modality, it is possible to create the illusion of interaction between those who watch and those who produce the video.

One figure who stood out using the resource was Mário Junior, better known as the “TikTok seducer”. He was the Brazilian creator of the meme-phrase “Roi… Letícia, huh?”. In the videos, Letícia in the story was the one who watched.

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