What does the bis aid decree against expensive bills provide?

Through the bis aid decree, the government has allocated funds to help the population cope with the increasingly unsustainable costs of life. In particular, the measures are aimed at countering the expensive bills.

Good news for citizens: the Cabinet approved the aid decree bisan important series of measures aimed at alleviate the effects of inflation on the population. The outgoing President Mario Draghi he defined it “a provision of extraordinary proportions“Which, between extensions and novelties, aims to lighten the burden that the dear bills, due to the increase in energy costs, affects families and individuals. In particular, on the website of the Ministry of Economic Developmentwe read that the CDM has decided β€œto extend the elimination of general system charges for electricityextended to the fourth quarter of 2022, the reduction of the VAT rate on gas to 5%extended to December 31, but also l” reduction of general gas chargeswhich was brought to December 31, just as the so-called December was extended social bonus on electricity and gas bills which provides that families with Isee less than 12 thousand euros are exempt from the impact of rising energy costs “.

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The elimination of system charges has been extended

There are several extensions provided for by aid decree bis About the dear bills, the main ones are as follows:

Confirmed throughout the 4th quarter of the year, or from October to December 2022, thecancellation of system charges for a value of 1 billion for the electricity bill and 1.8 for the gas bill.

Aid decree bis: social bonus renewed

As also mentioned at the beginning of the article, to be extended until December is also the social bonusalso said energy bonusdistinguished in electrical bonus for physical discomfortaimed at those living with serious diseases and using electro-medical equipment in order to survive, and electric bonus for economic hardship, designed to lighten the costs of electricity and gas for those who suffer from economically disadvantaged conditions, in particular for families with ISEE up to 12 thousand euros or 20 thousand euros if they have four dependent children. The latter measure is also aimed at holders of income or citizenship pension.

Cut in excise duties until September

Good news also for those who regularly use the car and grind kilometers every day: the period in which it is contemplated has been sled by almost a month the cut on petrol and diesel excise duties equal to 25 cents. The deadline, in fact, was scheduled for August 21, but has been moved to September 20.

The energy contracts are unchanged until April 30, 2023

With regard to the news, however, it should be noted that the companies that supply gas and electricity will not be able to unilaterally change contracts until April 30, 2023therefore, the prices applied will remain unchanged throughout this period of time.


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News on corporate welfare

Furthermore, through i benefit of the corporate welfarewhose share of tax exemption rises to 516 euros, employers will reimburse the expenses related to gas, electricity and water bills of employees.

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