What hair cosmetics does Jennifer Lopez use?

How does Jennifer Lopez take care of her hair? The list of products that the star uses has been revealed. Now everyone can treat themselves to a similar set.

Jennifer Lopez is currently on languages ​​in the context of a renewed relationship with Ben Affleck. Everyone writes about the pop star and one of Hollywood’s chief amateurs, and their appearance in public places causes great emotions.

Let us remind you. The couple first bonded in 2002, even receiving a pseudonym Bennifer. The popular actor proposed to the singer after a year of acquaintance, and on September 12, 2003, a grand wedding was to take place. Unfortunately, the wedding ceremony was canceled just a few hours before it began. They broke up to find each other years later.

In mid-2021, the media reported that former partners were caught walking together. It was quickly guessed that the celebrity couple had reunited. To the delight of fans, Jennifer Lopez quickly confirmed these reports. Currently, they are practically inseparable.

However, this does not mean that Lopez has given up on her projects. On the contrary, her calendar is still full and she is working very hard as always. Sessions, movies, spots – all this requires professional preparation. How does she make her hair always look perfect?

What hair cosmetics does Jennifer Lopez use?

When we think of the stars with the most enviable hair, Jennifer Lopez comes to mind almost immediately. Who wouldn’t love bands like she has?

Well, we’re happy to announce that not everything depends on her genes – the star has a list of tried and tested products she relies on to keep her hair looking perfect. The good news is that they can all be purchased online and some of them do not cost a fortune.

If Jennifer is in an area where humidity is an issue, she relies on a spray to fight frizz. Her hair stylist Chris Appleton prepares her hair with Color Wow Dream Coat serum (about PLN 100).

The luxury Kerastase shampoo (PLN 75), which she uses, which helps cleanse her hair without drying it, is also disclosed. It contains Oleo-Complexe with corn oil, pracaxi oil, camellia oil and argan oil, thanks to which the hair is healthy and incredibly shiny.

It may be hard to believe, but the varnish he trusts is available at any drugstore. It’s L’Oreal Elnett – it’s the cheapest item in her makeup bag. In Poland, you can buy it for about PLN 15. When he is in a hurry and his head has a regrowth, he uses the Color Wow concealer (PLN 150).

In our gallery you will find a few more miracles recommended by Jennifer Lopez.

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