What happened to the blonde tissue of Striscia la Notizia?

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What happened to the blonde tissue? Anastasia Roncathe blonde tissue of Striscia la Notizia, had to suspend her participation in the program.

What happened to the blonde tissue?

In mid-December, the press office of Striscia la Notizia had announced that Anastasia would be replaced by Valentina Corradi since she tested positive for Covid. Today, Monday 2 January, Anastasia has not yet returned to her place alongside the brunette tissue Cosmary Fasanelli. Maybe she hasn’t turned negative yet, or maybe she has yet to recover from the aftermath of the disease. In the meantime, however, the Striscia audience wonders what happened to their beloved Anastasia, albeit very well replaced by Valentina.

Who is Valentina Corradi

Born in Rapallo, in the province of Genoa, Anastasia is 21 years old, but her talent in dance is undeniable. “She trained between La Spezia and Marina di Massa, every day her parents accompanied her to dance and she studied by car and late in the evening” Il Messaggero revealed, speaking of how much she loved sport. The girl has been training day and night since high school and she has participated in several competitions.

Who is Anastasia Ronca

Anastasia Ronca, born in 2000, from Somma Vesuviana (Naples), has always practiced artistic gymnastics, a passion passed on to her by her mother, who was also her coach. She attended the institute of art and fashion and immediately began working as a model and photo model.

In 2019 he participated in Colorado on Italia 1 as Miss Colorado, in 2021 a Temptation Island. She was named Anastasia in honor of the princess. Quiet and determined, she dreams of being an actress and working in the fashion field, which is another of her passions. Her favorite stylist is Lebanese Zuhair Murad. At the cinema, she admires Angelina Jolie and Sophia Loren, whose Life Ahead she loved. She has a little dog named Asya, she doesn’t even have a tattoo. You can’t leave a shop without having bought something. She listens mainly to Italian music, she is crazy about Negramaro and Marco Mengoni, but also about Mina, Fabio Concato, Pino Daniele.

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