What happens if you fall asleep while driving? This car saves your life | The video is impressive

Lately, the very famous cars of the South African entrepreneur Elon Musk have rained a lot of criticism relating to the safety of the autopilot. Are they deserved? See what a Tesla can do all by itself …

Fall asleep is one of the most feared eventualities by any motorist who travels long after sunset and certainly does not have to suffer from narcolepsy to be at yawn a little too much behind the wheel, especially on the motorway. The landscape looks all the same, there are few cars around you and the seat is so comfortable… the lids close by themselves.

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It can happen to anyone (Canva)

Many accidents that occur at night are caused by motorists trying their luck by driving with a few hours of sleep, so much fatigue in the body that you cannot drive away with the tenth coffee of the day and ignoring the warnings that invite you to stop in a rest area as soon as possible. Are there any ways to prevent sleepovers in the car? Fortunately, it seems so.

One of the most criticized cars of the last ten years, the Tesla Model 3 which according to many detractors it is still too dangerous because of the autopilot, it has found a solution that you will hardly find on other cars on the market. The car can tell if you fell asleep at the wheel… and act accordingly.

It cares about your health

To demonstrate the functioning of Tesla’s “anti sleepy” system was Jack Massey WelshBritish YouTuber who has over half a million subscribers on his channel and who has totaled the beauty of over five million clicks on the video called: What happens if you fall asleep with Tesla? and that we are about to show you. The video lasts just over ten minutes, it definitely deserves your attention if you drive or intend to buy such a car.

As we know, Tesla has an autopilot which, even if much criticized, is more or less able to recognize and avoid any obstacles on the roadway. What few people know is that the main sedan produced by the brand ie the Tesla Model 3 has a security system which comes into operation if the car suspects that the driver has dozed off behind the wheel.

Tesla Model 20_09_2022 Quattromania
Tesla Model 3, a real life saver? (Tesla)

If the driver suddenly reduces the pressure applied to the steering, the car sets off a very loud audible alarm to wake him up. Should the alarm should have no effect, Model 3 will begin to progressively slow down to a stop, continuing to make noise to wake the pilot. Of course, if it were to happen on the motorway there would always be the problem of a car stopped in the middle of the roadway. But always better than having a car out of control that zigzags through the roadways, right?

In addition, the alarm is very annoying: it is difficult for a person affected by a sudden attack of drowsiness not to hear it. waking up with a start. We leave you the video in question, so you can judge yourself and answer any questions thanks to the comments section of the social network.

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