What happens to Michael T. Weiss, aka Jarod, aka The Chameleon? Please note that we have a recent photo of him… – Grazia

Michael T. Weiss (T for Terry) is just as inscrutable as Jarod, the character he played in Chameleon. We have rarely seen an actor as secret as him… even though he was a world star.

Michael T. Weiss, actor-chameleon

When he landed the main role in what was one of the best series of the 90s, Michael was 34 years old and was perhaps an unknown actor in France but not in the United States where he had a little notoriety.

From 1985 to 1990, he played Dr. Mike Horton in the soap Days and lives (a character who has changed faces many times!), he then played in the series The Curse of Collinwood (with a very young Joseph Gordon Levitt), the soap opera 2000, ocean avenuecanceled after 6 episodes (with Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Beals), and he appeared in an episode of the erotic series Red Shoe Diaries (also known as Fantasies and narrated by David Duchovny just before he starred in X Files)… And alongside all that, he was also a sports coach for stars!

Chameleon is obviously the role of his life. And Michael T. Weiss does wonders as Jarod, this child kidnapped and then raised within the Center, a gifted boy who will develop knowledge and monumental abilities allowing him to take on any role… or profession, whether doctor, FBI agent or even gigolo! A gift that he will put to good use after his escape – after more than 30 years of captivity – to become a good Samaritan. And try to find out who he really is. (Fun fact: in French, it is dubbed by Nicolas Marriedfavorite actor of Albert Dupontel and César for best actor in a supporting role in 2021 for Goodbye idiots).

The after-Chameleon by Michael T. Weiss

Chameleon aired from 1996 to 2000, for four seasons. Without forgetting two TV films released in 2001 which frustrated more than one fan of Jarod and Miss Parker (who hounded him relentlessly)! After that ? There career by Michael T. Weiss is experiencing quite a downturn.

Of course, he does a little theater (as an actor and director), he lends his voice to cartoons (notably that of Tarzan in The legend of Tarzanand that of Captain Atom in Justice League: Next Generation), he appears in a handful of TV films and series (Supporting evidence, Blue Bloods, Burn Notice) and we can also see it in the film Sex and the City 2 (he’s the one who flirts with Big at Stanford and Anthony’s wedding – enough to make Carrie jealous!), but nothing that doesn’t match Jarod.

Her last role dated 2017 and an appearance in a film called Sunset Park, against a boxing background. From ? RAS. He seems to have drawn a line under his acting career.

We nevertheless know that he devotes himself to paint (of the abstract kind). Because in addition to having studied drama, Michael T. Weiss holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Southern California, he also took courses in art history at the Harvard University, and he pursued art studies at Otis College of Fine Art & Design. Invisible on social media, forgotten by everyone (but not by us), the last time he was photographed at a public event was in 2019. He had shoulder-length hair and a beard. Oh, and if you’re wondering if he’s in a relationship or a dad or something… we don’t know. Michael T. Weiss is a enigma !

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