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There Queen Elizabeth she would write a moving letter a few days after the death of her beloved husband, the Prince Philip. His last words about his life partner were truly touching. The sovereign had said that “it wasn’t easy” to grieve so publicly for his disappearance. This revelation was made by the former Archbishop of York at the Bbc. The letter, “wonderful”, would be written by her Majesty four weeks after Philip’s death.

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“When you are grieving for someone you love deeply, it is not easy when you have to do it in public,” the letter reads. The queen, married to the Duke of Edinburgh for 73 years, had approved an eight-day national mourning period after her husband passed away. But not only. Because the national one was also followed by a period of private mourning.

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It also seems that after the death of Prince Philip, the sovereign thanked the former archbishop from his heart John Sentamu for its flowers and its prayers. But yesterday there was Elizabeth’s funeral, followed by millions of people around the world. Her Majesty was buried at Windsor Castle next to her husband Philip. After the ceremony, the crown, orb and scepter, symbols of earthly power, were removed from the coffin.

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