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Kiev may have hit an ammunition depot in northern Crimea with long-range systems: but a real offensive in Kherson remains unlikely. And while sabotage in Russian-controlled areas continues, there are problems with cannons from Germany

Barracks, bridges, railways: the Ukrainiansunable to advance, they strike from a distance and in depth the enemy positions. Moscow, on the other hand, is maneuvering in the Donbass to conquer localities. A constant war scenario.

The long range shots

A Russian ammunition depot exploded in Mayskoye

, in the north of Crimea. According to the official version, the explosion was triggered by the fire of a transformer and there would be no serious losses. The episode could hide a new attack with long range systems on the part of Ukraine, a tactic that has proved very effective in recent weeks in the southern region, but also in other sectors. a few days ago the strike against Saki’s air base
hence what it involved the Wagner security company in Popasna: an action, the latter, indirectly favored by the publication of photos on the web by the militiamen themselves. They have in fact handed over the coordinates: numerous dead.

Other bombings, always Ukrainian, have affected the communication routes, from railways to bridges. Observers continue to believe An offensive in the short term for the liberation of Kherson is unlikely and the resistance itself admits that it does not have enough means (men, artillery, armored vehicles), so it prefers to target the large concentration of Moscow troops straddling the Dnieper River.

There are persistent rumors – unverifiable – about the transfer of part of the Russian command to the eastern shore while analysts insist on possible difficulties of the Army in maintaining the supply chain. However the contingent was strengthened and holds the territory with old and new equipment.

The sabotages

The fight behind the lines is always intense. In Melitopol the pro-Russian authorities have created checkpoints to counteract the sabotage by the partisans. Lately the rail network was targeted, always essential for logistics. Develop also in Kiev where the president Zelensky continues with the purge in intelligence: regional service managers in Lviv, the capital and Ternopol were relieved of their duties. The government has launched a reclamation to combat collaborationists and inefficiencies, but there is no shortage of internal feuds either.

Aid on the way

Lithuania has announced the supply of 4 helicopters (2 Mi 2 from transport and as many M 17) and of six M109 self-propelled guns.

Surprise – up to a certain point – for the Problems complained by the German PzH 2000 guns: a good number are out of order and require repairs. They shot too much. The weapon’s specifications provide around 100 shots per day, a limit that is largely exceeded in a conflict where artillery dominates. In addition, some partly anticipated technical problems would emerge. The barrels of the pieces wear out, a situation also suffered by attackers who often use not exactly recent material.

August 16, 2022 (change August 16, 2022 | 10:50 am)

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