What is celebrated on May 21?: holiday in Chile and origin

on Sunday May 21 celebrated in chile Glorious Newell’s Day, although this day will be holiday, will not be forgivenmeaning that Commerce and premises will function normally.

What is the origin of the May 21st holiday?

He navy pride day It is celebrated for the anniversary of two naval battles Wednesday May 21, 1879. most remembered iquiquewhere the captain Arturo Pratt he died with his whole crew Emeraldshipwrecked in peru huascarunder the command of captain miguel greu,

He Punta Grusa Naval Battle It is also celebrated on this date where the ship is called Covadonga, led by captain Carlos Condellwas run aground by a Peruvian ship called independence.

Naval Pride Day has been celebrated in Chile since 1915 on May memory of Naval Battle of Iquique. From this date, military parades are held and wreaths are laid. The main commemorations are held in the ports of Valparaíso, Talcahuano and Iquique.

The official celebration of Naval Glory Day takes place at Plaza Sotomayor in Valparaíso, where Monument to the Heroes of Iquique, Beneath this monument are the remains of Arturo Prat Chacón and the sailors from Esmeralda and Covadonga.

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