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This model argues that eating certain foods would promote health and even heal various diseases. It’s really like this?

Where was born the alkaline diet? The idea is from the nineties with Robert Young: the creator argued that a diet that is too unbalanced on acidic foods such as sugars, refined foods, meats, cheeses and coffee, would cause an acidification in our body with important consequences on health. “Increase the consumption of basic foods such as fruit, raw vegetables, seeds and legumes, capable, according to Young, of leaving alkaline residues in the body, would have miraculous and even curative benefits “he explains Flavia Bernini, biologist, nutritionist. Today, although science has widely taken a stand on the groundlessness of these claims, its theories and concepts of alkalization or deacidification of the organism still arouse a certain fascination.

How is the acidity of food measured

The acidity of food it is measured through the pH. “A pH equal to 7 indicates neutrality. Values ​​lower than 7 classify a food as acidic, while pH higher than 7 identify it as basic or alkaline “. Can the body be alkalized? The blood, but also the tissues, have a pH equal to 7.4 that is, slightly basic. “Our body has a series of systems called ‘swab’ that keep this value stable: if only it deviates slightly for more than a few minutes, we would die. No food can interfere with this system, neither acidifying nor basifying. Especially since any food, even the most basic, ends up in the stomach where the pH of the hydrochloric acid is equal to 2, thus canceling any possible alkalizing action of the food. “In this diet with good and bad foods there is a further error background, given that observing the classification of foods based on pH, made by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, we note that most foods are acidici.e. they have a pH below 7.

The Risks of the Alkaline Diet

“The possible acidity or basicity of a food has no real influence on the pH of our blood and, consequently, even selecting only foods defined as basic does not expose us to any metabolic risk. Vice versa for the simple fact of eating more fruit, vegetables and legumes and less meat, sugars and packaged foods, some might even experience a weight loss and a certain well-being, but obviously nothing that can be attributed to the pH of the food. “The fact remains that since it is an unbalanced diet, low in fats and complex carbohydrates, undertaking a diet of this type is not recommended: it could expose us to significant nutritional deficiencies.

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