What is the Japanese water diet? Here is the answer

Have you ever wondered why the Japanese are so slim? Japanese culture is very different from European or American culture. So many factors together prevent most people from being overweight.

Japanese cuisine includes small samples of different dishes, avoiding the consumption of dairy products and sweets. THE Japanese they eat little but often, and accompany their meals with unsweetened green tea or water.

L’water is one of the reasons why i Japanese they are recognized all over the world for their slimness.

What is the Japanese water diet? Let’s find out together

There Japanese water diet it is not one of those common diets that are also scary to hearing. Instead, it is a series of rules to follow to combat water retention and deflate the belly. This diet is beneficial only and is approved by the Japan Medical Association. It is a protocol that pays attention to how much water to drink and how to do it from the early hours of the morning. Here’s how it works:

First of all it must be specified that the water to drink it must not be frozen, because it would lead to gastric disturbances, but it can still be fresh. In addition to the temperature, the Japanese pay a lot of attention to the composition of the water and prefer what it is it has no traces of fluorine or limestone. Therefore, bottled or filtered water is fine.

The diet starts in the morning. They are drunk well four glasses before eating anything. The water must be drunk in small sips and without haste. Four glasses may seem like a lot, so don’t force yourself if you find that your stomach doesn’t appreciate that much water. You can also start with two glasses. After that it is advisable to wait at least 45 minutes before having breakfast.

The same protocol must be followed before a snack. In this case you can have a glass of water a quarter of an hour earlier. If, on the other hand, the snack is high in calories then it is better to drink two glasses. As for lunch and dinner, 4 more glasses are drunk, taking care to take a break between one glass and another and drink in small sips.

The Japanese water diet also gives guidance on when to drink after meals. For at least a couple of hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner, avoid drinking. If, however, the situation requires it, you can drink warm water, always in small sips. The reason for waiting lies in the fact that water, immediately after meals, compromises the efficiency of the digestive processes.

The benefits of the water diet

Water promotes digestion and prevents abdominal bloating. When water is consumed on an empty stomach it has a purifying effect. Not for nothing is this the number one detox method. If drunk on an empty stomach, it keeps hunger pangs under control.

Remember: even if water is essential for our health, to lose weight it is necessary to follow a balanced diet and not rely only on the consumption of many glasses of water.

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