What is the “Jellyfish bob”, the new “jellyfish” haircut that has gone viral on TikTok

Do you remember Medusa? Fascinating and monstrous, she is the mythological figure painted by Caravaggio, crowned with snakes instead of hair. The new cut that is raging on social media is called exactly like this: Jellyfish Bobthat is to say the medusa helmet. A hairstyle that seems made to satisfy the undecided. It is a rounded helmet at the height of the chin. However, behind, the hair is kept long. But only a few strands. The final result? Seen from behind, the person appears to have tentacles that drop down their back. Or, indeed, mythological snakes. It is not the creation of a stylist. AND’ the last frontier born on the social TikTok. Where the Jellyfish Bob makes his way among the very young and imposes himself among the ranks of politicians who have given the assault to the social network itself, in the (probably vain) hope of picking up a few votes among the new voters. There are many variations. And the comments are well diversified. There are those who exclaim: “It’s a horrible fashion, I would never do them like this “. And those who appreciate: “It seems to be a Japanese anime, it’s fun”. And there are those who, caustically, laugh at it: “This is what happens when you put on extensions yourself “.

Someone even glimpses a resemblance to the cut sported by Nicole Kidman on the cover of “Perfect”: The latest look. Belt at the hips, fitness shirt, arms outstretched and bent at ninety degrees at the elbow: a little Popeye. But, above all, a beautiful lock of red hair cut in a bob in front, but very long and flowing on the back, which then climbs over the shoulder and falls to the groin. It is not a designer’s creation. It is a do-it-yourself experiment, so to speak, which has met with sudden interest. Some, more prosaically, believe it is inspired by Bob the Jellyfish, the protagonist of a series of stikers to download for Telegram.

There are all the colors. Black, blond, but also green, purple, multicolored. The girl who introduces herself as @sillyyerba explains: “I’m starting a jellyfish club with gelatinous themed events for those interested! Tune in for an official announcement soon! It will be so cute. If you have a haircut you can be a little jellyfish ”. And @ dear.tina admits: “I finally remembered to do a nice 360 ​​degree cut before my hair got too greasy”. There she is. Shoulder length hair. Now it is enough to scroll through the pages of TokTok, but also many other sites that can be identified by entering the search key (because by now this strange fashion is spreading) to observe a suggestive roundup of variants. A bit like it happens at the hairdresser, when she illustrates the photos of the cuts available to choose the favorite.

For now, the Jellyfish does not seem among the options available on coiffeur chairs. But never say never. Many times the most revolutionary intuitions were born, in fact, from the very young. Like the false eyelashes in the nostrils of the nose, born from a Japanese influencer. Let’s imagine both about the same person. Medusa hair e hairy eyelashes like spider legs coming out of the nose. A new horror character?

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