What is the microbiota and how it works

Millions of bacteria, viruses and other fungi live in the human body. Think that the microbial cells that are inside us outnumber the cells of our organism by about ten times.

Microbiota, digestive system and intestine

We come more specifically to the microbiota and therefore to the digestive system and intestine where the maximum number of bacterial cells is found. It is an ecosystem that is very different from one person to another, but it is very important as a health regulator. It should therefore be remembered that our life strongly depends on presence of “good” bacteria which inhabit different areas of the human body and their variety. Speaking of billions of bacteria, it must be said that these are not the same for everyone. Their variety may depend on age, sex, stimuli that come from outside, first of all, nutrition.

How bacteria work for our well-being

Science tells us that these bacteria of the digestive tract could play a role in changes in our well-being and not only for the gut-brain axis, but more generally on many aspects. There is evidence of possible implications of the gut microbiota in regulating stress and mood. So if your stomach is fine, your brain can also benefit.

In summary, we are somehow what our bacteria eat. Also on the front of immunitary defense, because these bacteria with the body create a network that has effects on the endocrine system and the central nervous system and even on immunity. This is also evident in certain scientific literature that aim to correct the possibly altered situation of the microbiota in pathologies, such as ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis. Studies on neurological and cardiovascular diseases are also beginning.

In conclusion, bacteria are not the only ones that cause infectious diseases. The microbiota promotes and regulates the digestion of food, because it allows to have enzymes available that allow to transform many of the substances that arrive in the digestive tract with food. Bacterial cells are workers within which fundamental enzymatic activities take place.

The microbiota also enables the production of B vitamins and in particular of B12, as well as favoring the synthesis of energy available to the body.

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