What should we lose sleep over?

“When I think about what could happen in the world, I lose my sleep.” This phrase is pronounced with unprecedented diligence by senior diplomatic officials and leading international analysts. And this is not accidental. the world has always been for hOmbre is a dangerous house, but now its main rooms are on fire and we don’t know how the house where 8,000 million people live (including 47 million in Spain) will be destroyed.

Last Wednesday, in the city of Madrid in Alcalá de Henares, the Expansion of the IV International Forum Editorial Unit, The first day started with a delight for all of us who follow world events every day, with a concentration of eminent geopolitical experts, to whom the moderator asked the first question (of course): “What’s the distress that’s keeping you up at night?”, And from there arose a brainstorm that should be heeded and taken into account.

“I sleep peacefully, but the dead people in Ukraine have taken my sleep away. We cannot take our safety for granted. This is what can happen to Ukrainians like our youth: that their lives are blown up.” the author of the phrase is the higher rank of the same Atlantic AllianceOrganization whose purpose is – of course – to guarantee the safety of its members.

“Russia’s actions have shaken the foundations of global security, there is a severe economic crisis and a battle of ideas is taking place: an ideological struggle between liberal and authoritarian regimes willing to use force to prevail. Curious The thing is that this explosion of security architecture that was created in conjunction with Russia, NATO focused on building relationships Partnerships with Moscow. We’ve worked together to deal with crises like the Balkans that now threaten us,” he continued to elaborate. carmen romeroNATO Deputy Assistant Secretary-General for Public Diplomacy.

The only way out for Romero is the continuation of joint EU-NATO work at the current level, “as never seen before”, because we must not forget that “this ideological battle will end in a new world order. If Russia leaves With them, other regimes will use force to prevail. And China is watching…”.

federico rampini, the Italian writer and columnist, told on the same forum that he sleeps when he looks to the south. “Italy and Spain are not making the necessary investments, including military presence, to stabilize the Mediterranean.” What’s more, for Rampini, Europe, along with the United States, looks only to the east, the cardinal point that has become “the new European center of gravity along the Washington–Warsaw axis”, which concerns not only Paris, but For Berlin, “with an economic model from the 1990s that doesn’t work anymore”.

Ana PalaceThe former foreign minister and weekly signing in this international section of EL Mundo, with his usual passionate reflection, said loud and clear: “I am more concerned with our European project, which is based on peace and for which we are in Washington So, watch out for a future US foreign policy where it has decided to make Ukraine a European affair and focus on Taiwan.

Palacio, in turn, expressed his concern for “the destabilization of the Mediterranean, immigration and the Sahel”. However, “Europeans have to have confidence. We have to be optimistic, even if we are worried. Pessimism leads to indifference. It is true that now everything from wheat to debt has become a weapon. But we Europeans The people have to become the standard-bearers of the rule-based system of law, order.”

In addition to the three big issues causing the nightmare (the war in Ukraine, a conflict in Taiwan, and migration with jihadist infiltrators from Africa), there is one more issue being put on the table these days that causes extreme concern: artificial intelligence,

“It’s intimidating what can be achieved,” he confessed for his part inaki berganger, Managing Partner of Life X Ventures, in a round table with other experts on new technologies and artificial intelligence. “But, as in all technology, there are bad things like deep fakes. [vídeos donde se muestran imágenes falsas del rostro de una persona que parecen reales], and good things, like discovering new drugs. And everything is happening so fast that there is no time to control it. Therefore, an agency for artificial intelligence is sought.”

“The achievements are going to be amazing and impossible to stop. This is a tremendous technology that must be controlled. But society is going to improve,” he cleared all the ghosts for his part Lupina IturriagaFounder and CoCEO of Fintonic.

“This is the first time that they want to stop the technology. But this cannot be done,” he said. Nava Swersky Sofa, co-chair of Directors Leading Change. “Do you remember Dolly the sheep? People thought after that they were going to clone humans. If artificial intelligence scares us so much today, it’s because it changes us.”

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