What The Yankees Will Be Looking For In Exchange For Luis Severino

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The New York Yankees have been left behind at the start of the 2023 Major League Baseball season, that’s for sure. Despite having a positive record, the team from the Big Apple cannot get out of the bottom of the American League East division standings and that is why they are looking for options that will allow them to reverse this situation before it is too late. Give

For this reason, in the last hours it was rumored that the club would be willing to move Dominican pitcher Luis Severino in order to get some pieces that would allow them to reinforce other areas compared to their starting staff. Some consider it more insecure. Many indicate that the move will be made in order to acquire some quality hitters, as the offense is what has been failing them as of late.

exchange option

In the Big Apple, they are seriously considering a change that includes Savvy, according to Buster Olney, a well-known ESPN communicator in English. According to what he said, there are people in the bullpen who can also be used as bargaining chips, but the main threat is the Dominican.

To make matters worse, there are comments that indicate that some statements made by Serpentinero a few days ago put him in the eye of the storm, as he admitted that he did not have good relations with some people in the institution Were. What he said was the following verbatim: “I love the Yankees. I’ve had bad interactions with some of the staff and decision-makers here, but this is the only team I know. I’d like to be here for the rest of my life.”,

Potential squads that could try to land Sabana de la Mar a right-hander include the Los Angeles Angels, who are expected to lose Shohei Ohtani at the end of the year, the San Diego Padres who are looking for someone like Trent Grisham, and the Houston want to do business with. The Astros who were left without Justin Verlander for this season.

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