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A batch of TT Table Top brand glasses: the Ministry of Health reports, which signals the recall by the manufacturer. The reason? Exceeding the limit values ​​for global migration and specific migration of formaldehyde. The products in the center of the sign are 8.5 × 7.5 cm for 66 grams, and belong to lot number T-T602.

Beware of the famous frankfurters: call back, what to do immediately

The glasses recalled, as reported The food fact, were produced for Table Top Porcellane Srl by the company Form Servis Ekipmanlari San.ve Dis Ticaret Ltd.Sti in the plant in Basaksehir, Istanbul, Turkey. As always, as a precautionconsumers who have purchased this product are advised not to use glasses with the TT Table Top brand and the characteristics indicated.

Contaminated ice cream, the call is triggered: the very famous product in the viewfinder |  Look

A retreat a few days ago, however, is that of sausage produced by the Tre Valli farm. The reason? Microbiological contamination due to the presence of the Listeria monocytogenes ST 155 strain. Esselunga, Unes, Bennet, Prix and Tigros supermarkets – as reported The food fact – reported the precautionary withdrawal by the manufacturer. According to what Unes has published on its website, the classic sausages, classic snacks and cheese with the Wudy Aia brand are involved. The packages of sausages concerned are those produced in the summer with lot numbers 1785417 and 01810919, and the expiration dates between 20/09/2022 and 05/12/2022.

Sanpellegrino, water disappears from the shelves: disturbing, what happened

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