What to expect from Walt and Jesse? Talk to the co-creator

The debut of the last chapter, in Italy in streaming on Netflix, is set for July 12.

We are only separated by five episodes from the grand finale of Better Call Saulthat the series originated from a rib of breaking Bad and immediately appreciated as much if not more than the latter. Waiting in streaming on Netflix for the next July 12the second part of the sixth season will rejoin the stories of breaking Bad and its successful spin-off hosting two highly anticipated guest stars: the couple protagonist of the original series, Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul, interpreters of Professor Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. With the ending approaching, the co-creator Peter Gould has pleased fans eager to know more about the circumstances in which we will find Walt and Jesse. Talking with Entertainment WeeklyGould revealed some more details.

Better Call Saul 6: The return of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul

“You will see Walt and Jesse this season, but I think that the way you see them and when you see them will not necessarily be what you expect“Gould said cryptically. In fact, the writers are remaining rather vague about how and when we will see the two characters again. Will they appear together or separate? Will there be more scenes with them as protagonists? Exactly at what point in the story of the two characters. breaking Bad will their cameo fit? The questions left (deliberately pending) are really many, but it seems that the authors are ready to surprise us.

Peter Gould: “We waited until it was right”

“I have heard many theories about what will happen, and I am happy to say that I have not even heard a theory that comes close enough to what you will see,” added Gould. For the co-creator, moreover, the timing represented the most important thing. “The thing I’m really proud of is that we waited to introduce them until it was right for this story. Obviously, it would have been trivial to see them appear at the beginning of the first season, to kick off the series. they appear is all about the story of Jimmy McGill, Kim Wexler and Mike Ehrmantraut. I hope you’ll agree when you see it, “he concluded.

In the past, Gould had already talked about how they will intertwine Better Call Saul And breaking Bad anticipating big surprises and warning viewers: “I don’t think you’ll watch again breaking Bad likewise after watching the entire last season of Better Call Saul“And we can’t wait to find out how and why.

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