What to see this week on Prime Video between news and expiring titles of films and TV series

We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and the festive atmosphere is also felt on Prime Video. If you are looking for something new to see, we point out another Christmas movie, entitled Something from Tiffany’sbut two Italian productions are also coming out these days, the docuseries This is the life I dreamed of as a child and the TV series The Bad Guy. And the expiring film that we suggest these days is also Italian, that is The Children’s Paranza: good choice and good visions!

This is the Life I Dreamed of as a Child (Docuseries Exclusive) – release date December 6

Luca Argentero tells the stories of three great characters with extraordinary lives, who have had a profound impact on society, history and their discipline. Told both from a human and social point of view, with particular attention to the story of the times in which they lived. Luisin Malabrocca, Walter Bonatti and Alberto Tomba, three Italian sportsmen who made various generations of Italians dream, cheer, laugh and move.

Luisin Malabrocca, “the inventor” of the Maglia Nera, the cyclist who in the first Giro d’Italia after the war accidentally noticed that finishing last made people like him. Walter Bonatti, the mountaineer who after overcoming incredible challenges with the rock, the climate and the mountains, having reached a height of over eight thousand meters, discovered the hard way that the greatest threat to man is man himself . Alberto Tomba, the Olympic champion who stopped the Sanremo Festival with his victories. The unusual Bolognese skier who, with his lightness in life and aggressiveness on the slopes, has come to be known throughout the world as “Tomba la bomba”.

The Bad Guy (Amazon Original TV series) – release date 8 December

Output Mode: the first three episodes on December 8, the last three on December 15

The Bad Guy combines crime with dark comedy and tells the incredible story of Nino Scotellaro (Luigi Lo Cascio), a Sicilian prosecutor who has dedicated his entire life to the fight against the mafia and who is suddenly accused of being one of those who has always fought: a mobster. After the conviction, with nothing left to lose, Nino decides to carry out a Machiavellian plan for revenge, becoming the “bad guy” into which he has been unjustly transformed.

In the cast of The Bad Guy with Luigi Lo Cascio also Claudia Pandolfi, Vincenzo Pirrotta, Selene Caramazza, Giulia Maenza, Antonio Catania, Fabrizio Ferracane. The series is created and written by Ludovica Rampoldi, Davide Serino, and Giuseppe G. Stasi, directed by Giuseppe G. Stasi and Giancarlo Fontana, and produced by Nicola Giuliano, Francesca Cima and Carlotta Calori for Indigo Film with Amazon Studios.

The trailer and things to know about The Bad Guy

Something from Tiffany’s (film Original) – release date 9 December

Nothing is like the magic and atmosphere of the holidays in New York, when the streets sparkle with lights, the windows are dazzling and a special box of Tiffany’s could change a person’s life. Or more people. Rachel and Gary (Zoey Deutch, Ray Nicholson) are a happy couple, but not quite ready to take the plunge. Ethan and Vanessa (Kendrick Smith Sampson, Shay Mitchell), the classic photo couple, are instead ready to make everything official. An exchange of gifts brings the two couples together and sets in motion a series of twists and turns and unexpected discoveries that will bring the four together to their destiny. Because love, like life, is full of surprises in this romantic holiday film.

The Children’s Paranza (film 2019) – deadline December 12th

Naples 2018. Nicola, Tyson, Biscottino, Lollipop, O’Russ, Briat√≤ want to get rich quick, buy designer clothes and new scooters. In particular Nicola, whose mother runs a small dry cleaners, cannot resist the temptation to join a Camorra ‘family’.

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