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The John Wick movies were hugely successful thanks to the impeccable performance of Keanu Reeves and his commitment to the role of assassin. After three successful films, Reeves returns with another chapter in the film franchise and this time the story is more brutal than ever. While the first film only scratched the surface of the crime syndicate, the subsequent films have taken it to the next level by adding numerous intriguing characters, such as the Adjudicator, the Director, and the Elder.

Spoilers on the fourth chapter of John Wick

In the third chapter John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, we saw John Wick defeat all the assassins in the world after a massive bounty was placed on his head. However, he was saved by the Bowery King before being killed by Winston, an unexpected betrayal. Also, Bowery King is nearly killed by Zero’s blows for supporting John in his endeavor. However, he survives and meets John Wick, with the same ambition to bring down high society.

What will John Wick 4 be like?

This puts fans in an exciting position with many wondering what will happen in the next film. With a sequel in the works, here’s what we hope to see in John Wick: Chapter 4.

Find true allies and eliminate enemies

Wick has been through a lot in the previous three films, including multiple betrayals by fellow assassins who failed to follow the rules of high society for a small cash reward and the abandonment of close allies, like Winston. However, enemies can be found among companions and allies can be found among enemies.

Wick is now formally partnered with the Bowery King in the fight against high society, as stated at the end of Chapter 3, and has other allies outside as well. Winston may have had good intentions towards John, despite him shooting him. Instead of executing him right away, he tricks the Adjudicator into believing, giving Wick a chance at survival. He helped Winston open his own Continental hotel in New York and the two will have each other’s backs in the next film as well.

In the trailer we saw some characters that are difficult to distinguish as allies or enemies, such as Hiroyuki Sanada. While he seems to mean well in warning John not to underestimate the high table, he’s not entirely sympathetic. Sofia, played by Halle Berry, will likely have a minor role in the film and based on their background, she will help John Wick bring down the High Table.

John Wick has the support of the Bowery King no matter how many enemies he fights. As the conflict unfolds on two fronts, clearly with the High Table and his fellow assassins, the Bowery King’s army of homeless assassins will help John along the way.

John Wick: Chapter 4 is a means to the end or a new beginning?

While it’s unclear how many more films in the franchise will be made, and the fourth installment is yet to come out, fans are already debating whether this will be the final film in the saga or if it will evoke another story for a new beginning. With a fifth film in the works, there could be more to the storyline and Keanu Reeves has stated in an interview that he would be willing to star in more films in the franchise if they are successful.

As the fourth film approaches, the narrative seems to be drawing to a close, but just like in the other films in the franchise, there are always new enemies trying to kill Wick. So, there could be an even greater nemesis from the High Table, or we could get a deeper look into John Wick’s past in the next chapter.

While the number of films in the franchise is still up for debate, it will be a long time before that comes to fruition. Whatever happens, fans will always look forward to the sequels of this franchise, just as everyone awaits the release of John Wick: Chapter 4 on March 24, 2023.

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