What’s missing for Messi’s Argentina to pass Brazil world champion and Euro champion Spain and achieve Italy’s historic feat

Argentina has gone 31 games unbeaten and is the only one that can still reach Italy’s record of 37 unbeaten matches between 2018 and 2021

This Wednesday (1), from 15:45, at Wembley Stadium, in London, Italy and Argentinacurrent champions of their respective continents, decide to very finalbroadcast live by ESPN on Star+. And beyond the title, there is much more at stake for the Argentines.

There are 31 unbeaten gamesa alviceleste is the team that has the longest undefeated streak in the world at the moment. And, winning the azzurrathe team led by Lionel Scaloni and that will have Messi available for decision, keeps alive the possibility of achieving a historic feat that still belongs to the Italians.

This is the second time in history that Argentina has reached the mark, since 1991 to 1993when he won the America’s Cupchampion of Confederations Cup and won its first title in the Finals, which at the time was called the Intercontinental Cup of Selections, the team also went 31 games without losing, or else 1,064 days.

In between october 2018 and september 2021the Italian team was 37 games without losing. The invincibility only dropped after defeat by 2 to 1 to the Spainfor the semifinal of the last edition of the Nations League.

Who came closest to Italy after the fall of its invincibility was the Algeriawhich will not even dispute the world Cup at the Qatar. In January of this year, during the Africa Cup of Nationsthe Algerian team lost 1-0 to Equatorial Guineastill in the group stage, and ended a streak of 35 games without defeats since 2018.

In history, in general, whoever came closest to a sequence like the one in Italy was the Brazilian Team, Four-time world champion in 1994. In between 1993 and 1996 (period that covered the 1994 World Cup), the Hopscotch stayed 36 games in a row without losing. Right behind Brazil, in addition to Algeria, Spain, champions of Euro Cup in 2008which also stayed 35 undefeated matches from 2007 The 2009.

For Argentina to overcome Brazil and Spain and reach Italy, it needs more 6 invincibility games. Now to overcome the azzurraArgentines need more 7 undefeated matches.

See how the Top 5 invincibility between teams is now:

  1. Italy – 37 games of 2018 The 2021

  2. Brazil – 36 games of 1993 The 1996

  3. Spain – 35 games of 2007 The 2009/ Algeria – 35 games of 2018 The January 2022

  4. Argentina – 31 games of 1991 The 1993 it’s from 2019 until today

  5. France – 30 games of 1994 The 1996/ Italy – 30 games of 1935 The 1939/ Hungary – 30 games of 1950 The 1954

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