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The new part lacks many elements.

Officially debuting today, Battlefield 2042 is criticized by some players, and the accusations include the lack of solutions known from earlier parts of the series. One of the fans made a list of the features that the shooter lacks.

The list prepared by a Reddit user with the nickname Jellyswim contains options that have been removed or truncated – both elements of the story campaign and specific gameplay mechanics.

Here are some of the features that are missing or limited in Battlefield 2042:

  • no story campaign;
  • no permanent lobby required for players to match each other after each match;
  • no global rankings;
  • no standard server browser;
  • less standard game modes in the style of team deathmatch;
  • fewer types of vehicles;
  • no transport vehicles;
  • less weapons;
  • no class system;
  • fewer character customization options than in Battlefield 5;
  • no tab with statistics in the main menu;
  • no spectator mode;
  • lack of various mobility functions – manual leaning behind a cover, running in a crouching position, crawling backwards, diving and more;
  • less destructible objects on maps and arenas intended for infantry;
  • fewer personalization features of the control and user interface.

Fans are clearly dissatisfied with the removal or limitation of these items, as indicated by the fact that the listing is one of the highest rated items in the Battlefield 2042 section.

Players also express dissatisfaction on Metacritic, where they give the shooter low ratings. Currently, the average user feedback for the PC version is 2.4 – the result is based on 2,536 reviews.

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