WhatsApp changes the rules. Users will receive a new privacy policy

WhatsApp updates its privacy policy for users residing in European countries. The change is related to the imposition of a record penalty on the developers of the application, Meta, by the Irish Data Protection Commission (IDPC).

The privacy policy will be changed from Monday, November 29, 2021. European users will be informed of the changes via a notification that will appear at the top of the application screen, just above the chat list.

Record penalty for violations on WhatsApp

This type of operation of the platform, according to Newsweek, results from the penalty imposed on Meta (formerly known as Facebook) for violating EU data protection rules for WhatsApp users. The fine of $ 267 million (approximately PLN 1.1 billion) is a record amount for offenses resulting from the platform’s incorrect privacy policy.

Although Meta is trying to appeal against what it says is an unfair IDPC ruling, the company has been forced to update the privacy policy for WhatsApp users anyway. Importantly, people using the program will not have to take any action.

Finish line on the candlestick

This is not the only process of this kind related to Meta. Although the Hungarian Supreme Court has just dismissed the objections of the local Competition Authority, controversy over the services offered by the company continues to grow. In both cases, the relevant authorities drew attention to the issues of users’ privacy or the lack of detailed information on the possibility of using their data.

EU users will be able to see the WhatsApp privacy policy changes notice today. The open question is how Meta itself will deal with the next controversy surrounding its products and services. Earlier, such problems led to a mass exodus of users to competing messengers. So the finish line has a hard time to crack.

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