WhatsApp down, the message app blocked for over two hours: what happened

WhatsApp down, the messaging app has been stuck for over two hours. In many on social they reported on the morning of Tuesday 25 October 2022 a malfunction. From about 8:30 this morning, reports of those who could not use the system multiplied messaging owned by Half (Facebook). On twitter the hashtag #whatsappdown is trending and hundreds have already highlighted problems.

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What happened

Some users have reported that theapp it was inactive and some claimed to have problems with the connection to the server and sending messages. Users have reported problems with the social networking app on Twitter And DownDetector. The messaging service remained offlinealso in the version desktop. The other services of Half (like Facebook and Instagram) appear to be working correctly.

The reports of inefficiencies

Among the reports of disservices to the site Downdetector.comthe inability to send messages to groups and single chats, the non-appearance of the double check of receiving messages. Some users have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, but without success.

The latest WhatsApp disruptions date back to about a year ago, the October 4, 2021 when there was a ‘down’ of all the apps in the group Halfhe understood Instagram And Facebook, for six hours. On that occasion, after the restoration of the services, the official apologies of the founder had also arrived Mark Zuckerberg.

It is not yet clear what caused the problem. A Twitter user wrote: “Ohh, I thought it was our internet connection. I was going to go crazy! ” Another added: “It probably explains why my video calls were interrupted so often.”

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