WhatsApp Founder Acquires Signal! The current boss resigns

WhatsApp Founder Acquires Signal!  The current boss resigns

Moxie Marlinspike, founder and current CEO of Signal Foundation, has resigned. He will be replaced temporarily by Brian Acton, known mainly as the co-founder of WhatsApp, though previously associated with Signal.

Marlinspike gives up his position General Director of Signal Foundation of his own free will, which he writes about on his blog. As he assures, he will remain on the foundation’s board, but the chairman’s chair requires someone with fresh energy and ideas.

The decision was apparently not made under the influence of emotions, but it is an element long-term strategy. According to assurances, talks with potential successors have been going on for several months, but so far no successor of Marlinspike has been selected. The only assurance was that it had to be someone who agreed with Signal’s policy, wanting to develop it, not change it.

After a decade or more it’s hard to overestimate how important Signal is to me, but now I feel very comfortable replacing myself as CEO based on the team we have, and I also believe this is an important step in Signal’s development

– explains Moxie Marlinspike on the blog

Temporarily, the role of the CEO will take over Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp, but since 2017 associated with the Signal Foundation as a board member.

Small but crazy

Officially, Signal messenger launched in July 2014, but it is known that work on it started much earlier. Marlinspike himself claims that his adventure with the brand lasts about a decade, during which, among others, he himself wrote the Android application code and the original back-end.

Today, Signal has over 40 million active users each month. It is not much if we look at 2 billion WhatsApp or even 550 million Telegram, but also enough to make it one of the most important communicators in the world. Especially since it focuses heavily on privacy, which is not conducive to commercialization.

Importantly, Marlinspike makes sure that doesn’t change. At the same time, his decision to resign may come as a surprise. Back in December, he made a sharp row on Twitter in the name of Signal.

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Text source: Signal Blog, ed. own

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