WhatsApp is a global spying tool

There never was no security flaw in WhatsApp, no bugs discovered and corrected by the developers: it’s all a staging and those bugs were completely intentional because WhatsApp, for 13 years now, has been a surveillance tool, of espionage. Harsh words, which however do not come from just any conspiracy theorist: it was the one who uttered them Pavel Durovthe founder and CEO of Telegram.

With a long post on his official Telegram channel, in fact, Durov is back for the umpteenth time on the subject of WhatsApp security and on the possibility of spy on users. She did it in an even harder way than in the past, by pronouncing very strong words.

The “backdoors” of WhatsApp

Durov starts from the recent news that Whatsapp has been updated to fix two very serious security holes, which would have allowed hackers to have full access to your smartphone and to do some of what they liked. Espionage included.

According to the Russian computer scientist, however, it was not a question of bugs, of unexpected errors in the code, but of “backdoor“. That is, entrance doors left deliberately open, albeit hidden in the code, to allow those who know it exists to access the phone with the WhatsApp app installed.

Another security problem exactly like this one was discovered in 2018 – explains Durov – then another in 2019 and another in 2020. And yes, one also in 2017. Before 2016, WhatsApp didn’t even have encryption“. For Durov it can’t be a coincidence and the bugs discovered in the past few years were actually backdoors left open intentionally: “Such problems are hardly random: they are backdoors implanted in the app“.

Nobody is safe with WhatsApp on their phone

After firing a cannon shot like that at WhatsApp, Durov insists also: “It doesn’t matter if you are the richest person on Earth: if you have WhatsApp installed on your phone all your data, from any app, is accessible as Jeff Bezos discovered in 2020“.

The reference is to the alleged hacking of the Amazon founder’s phone in 2020, allegedly carried out by a team of hackers hired by the Saudi prince. Mohammed bin Salman. “For this I have deleted WhatsApp from my devices – adds Durov – Leaving it installed creates a door to enter the phone“.

Durov does not want to advertise

At this point one would say that Durov is doing these very serious accusations against WhatsApp just for “push“its competitor app, that is Telegram. But the entrepreneur, not without a good dose of sufficiency, puts his hands on and denies the theory: “I’m not asking people to switch to Telegram. With over 700 million active users and 2 million subscriptions per day, Telegram needs no advertising“.

Then the final hit: “You can use all the messaging apps you want, but stay away from WhatsApp – it’s been a spying tool for 13 years“.

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