When refueling diesel, petrol or LPG, pay attention to this arrow. You will help you more than you might think

Most drivers who refuel diesel, gasoline or even LPG do not pay attention to one important thing. Behind the wheel, an extremely important information is displayed on the clock, in the place informing about the amount of fuel. If there is not enough of it, as a rule, many car models display very important information that can help.

Diesel, gasoline and LPG. Right or left?

diesel refueling fuel

Hardly any driver will ever pay attention to it when refueling diesel, gasoline or LPG. In fact, 90 percent of drivers read and see the picture above and wonder if there is such an arrow in their car as well. It only proves that we do not know our car very well and we pay little attention to it. We treat it only as a driving vehicle and that’s it.

And this is something worth knowing, because it can turn out to be extremely useful. Maybe even not for us in the car we drive in, but when we get into another one. The title arrow informs on which side our fuel filler is located. This is to help the driver to correctly position himself next to the dispenser at the petrol station.

It is almost standard that a driver in another car always makes the same mistake. He has to stop and check on which side the fuel filler is located in the given car. And you only need to look at the display and the arrow informing about the side where the filler is located. With this knowledge, you can refuel with diesel, gasoline or LPG more reliably, without risking being “embarrassed”.

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The car hides many interesting facts that we do not know about

Contrary to appearances, each car is a very clever design, but not always the driver wants to get to know it better. Not so long ago, we informed about another curiosity that hardly anyone knows about. Namely, the situation in which we cannot open the fuel filler because it has broken down or simply froze. Such a situation means that diesel, gasoline or LPG cannot be refueled then.

In the trunk, however, there is a special “element” that can help. It is on the same side as the sprue, it can be hidden behind the upholstery, but it has one task. It allows you to open the fuel filler in an emergency and refuel when it seemed impossible to us. It is worth checking carefully where the “handle” or the line is.

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