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Major movements ahead of the vote. Not in the center-right, of course, where the alliances are clear from day one: Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia. The big moves are in the center leftwhere they scorn Pd And Action for attacks against Carlo Calenda some “bushes” Nicola Fratoianni And Angelo Bonelli, leader of the Italian Left and Greens. In short, as always among her companions, her chaos reigns supreme.

And on the day when the progressive front is simmering, here is also the so-called third pole – the center that has remained somewhat out of all the games, together with the M5s – there are movements, meetings and meetings. And the news agency AdnKronos gives an account of a possible surprise agreement, the one between Matteo Renzileader of Italy VivaAnd Federico Pizzarottithe former grillino and mayor of Parma returned to the field with his National Civic Lista party that engages mayors, local administrators, associations and promoters of local projects.

The former grillino mayor has been in the capital for two weeks now, engaged in meetings, confrontations and face to face. A little while ago, with a note, the Civic List announced that it had rejected the proposal of the Democratic Party “to merge into a single list with the one promoted by Luigi Di Maio And Bruno Tabacci“. A condition that Pizzarotti’s movement dismisses as” inadmissible.

But not only. The agreement between Renzi and the former mayor of Parma, in the meetings held in recent days it would have been immediate, he always explains AdnKronos, therefore, the hypothesis of making a pact – several sources confirm – would be on the table. The reasoning that is made, even surveys in hand, is that of to be able to exceed the fateful threshold of 5 percent. The leader of IV is convinced that the choice to run alone can reward his political strength, and even Pizzarotti – yesterday, Thursday 4 August, at the Nazareno for a meeting that has ended up with the parties away – would see the goal at hand.

There is still a week left for the presentation of the lists e the games are all still open, as we are seeing, minute by minute. The construction site of the alliances is open, and the Renzi-Pizzarotti axis could appear at the last corner, however, creating some further headaches to the left.

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