Who can replace Henry Martin at Club America for the quarter-final second leg?

Thursday, May 11, 2023

after the match quarter finals in ida Alfonso Lastras, He america club I was adding the key annotation to close the match it was looking for Aztec Stadium. Although the result is favorable for those copafor reality Fernando Ortiz It is that the team should not trust until they get another win.

It is noteworthy that one of the most current doubts Henry Martin, Who suffered a serious head injury that left him unsteady and dizzy towards the end of the game, for which the team issued a medical report and his recovery for the second leg remains in doubt. Aztec Stadium To turn off the tap.

In view of this, Fernando Ortiz should stop what will happen, because although he has made it clear that he should go out and re-check the score, taking into account the scorer’s health in view of his possible pass to the semi-finals is also important. , so the most appropriate action for him would be not to play in the next round.

Who can replace Henry Martin?

is the most viable option Federico Vinas to play henry martin, because he was the one who immediately covered the sector when the Yucatecan striker left the field. Given, the Uruguayan hasn’t had bad games, even as the latest score gives him more confidence in that area and could now be the benchmark to look for a pass into the semi-finals.

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