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The very young actresses have changed. Until a few years ago, interviewing them was a challenge, because they didn’t talk. Today on average at 19 years old, lage of Ginevra Francesconi, they already have a lot to say, everything the “grown-ups” never asked for. And together with the feeling that this is the generation that will change the world – if only the world can hold on a little longer – there is that of discovering a new beauty. Geneva is clear, in her gaze and in the things she says. She made herself known in Queen by Alessandro Grandi e Parents vs Influencers by Michela Andreozzi, for which she won the Graziella Bonacchi Award at the Nastri d’Argento, and in the series Good morning mom! of Sole Borghi. And we see her on Netflix alongside Alessandro Gassman as Sofia in the film My name is revenge by Cosimo Gomez, and here the imagination, including the bob with fringe, goes to Natalie Portman, Jean Reno and the Paris of Leon. Even if this story, on the other hand, begins in Trentino and develops in Milan. And the ‘Ndrangheta is involved because the local mafias are now personalities. Among the most requested by entertainment.

“If others tell me that I’m good and that I’m beautiful, they certainly can’t convince me. I have to feel it, it happens when I’m sure of myself and what I’m doing”

Where are you from, and where are you going?
I was born in Sora, in the province of Frosinone. I started a theater course there when I was seven and I loved it, in fact I was always there, faithful, but the children around me changed every year. I studied science and then when I realized that my passion was turning into a profession, I moved to Rome for convenience.

You have a sister, Ludovica Francesconi (On the best and the two sequels, ed), also an actress. But what happened in the family to push you to make cinema two out of two?
Mine have nothing to do with it! My father is in the air force, my mother is a wedding dress designer and indeed, at the beginning it was a bit complicated to bring them closer to this world. To tell the truth, it was also making friends accept it. When you start having to go to Rome often, not being there, you can’t join the group much anymore and it’s easy to be left out.

Is there competition between you and your sister?
We started the course at the same time, then she, who is four years older, kicked off the course. But our paths are very different and always have been. In addition to the fact that we have almost diametrically opposite characters, she is impulsive and I am rational, we studied differently and we always went to different auditions. There is no competition.

In My name is revenge a quote from Jack London is quoted: “Showing mercy is only a sign of weakness”. What does being weak mean to you?
Being afraid of your emotions. I feel strong every time I can face them, when dark times come and I’m in it. I stay there until I’m sure I’ve dealt with the monsters that come out.

And what do these monsters look like?
They have to do with myself, not with the outside world. For example: I’m a teenager and in recent years I’ve been dealing with my changes. Sometimes the speed of what I live scares me. I’m certainly not very bold, and I happen to be afraid of the future. Or the decisions to make when I find myself at a crossroads. There are moments not. But I can deal with them thinking it’s normal. With rationality you face everything.

And what does it mean to you to be beautiful?
I know it’s trivial but I feel beautiful when I’m sure of myself and what I’m doing, in short, if I feel satisfied from a personal point of view. A feeling that completely ignores what they tell me from the outside. I think it happens to everyone, if I don’t feel good or beautiful I don’t believe whoever wants to convince me.

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Ginevra Francesconi with Alessandro Gassman who in My name is revenge plays the father of Sofia, hunted by the assassins of a boss of the ‘Ndrangheta.


Do you already have some beauty secrets?
I’m very clumsy, I see friends who do these crazy skincare routines, with so many products, but I wouldn’t know where to put my hand. I stick to those few steps I take every day. And I can’t see myself wearing makeup, I don’t even use foundation, just concealer and mascara. A little brown pencil on the eyes if I’m really daring.

What fashion do you like?
Some days my friends tell me I’m dressed like a basketball player, on other days everything becomes short and ultra-feminine. I like high boots but no heels, I still can’t.

In the film, the story is triggered by a photo posted on Instagram. Have you ever posted the wrong picture?
I tend to be very private on social media. In platforms I move on tiptoe, it’s a complicated world that sometimes I don’t understand and it scares me. I share not what concerns my private life but exclusively my profession.

Sofia’s riot bangs, what was it like wearing it?
Before the movie I had very long hair. It was a clear change, the fringe takes a while to learn to wear. I’m glad I tried this too, but also that I’m back to how I was.

Your fetish actresses?
Meryl Streep is the queen of queens. I like Jasmine Trinca’s style. Margot Robbie drives me crazy.

Which actor would you go out to dinner with?
To be on the safe side… James McAvoy.

Movies at the cinema or streaming on the couch?
We kids have an ability to concentrate based on the flow of social time: it stops at what we like, and runs fast beyond what doesn’t interest us. The platform supports this mode: you can stop and resume, go forward and backward. But it’s a freedom that doesn’t let you fully enjoy the film. At the cinema you forget to wait for something to happen, you let yourself be carried away, even if the film is slow. To be honest, when I’m in the theater I can’t be objective, I sit down, look at the screen and suddenly I like everything.

«We kids have an ability to concentrate based on the passage of social time. The platform supports this mode. While at the cinema you forget to wait for something to happen, you let yourself be carried away»

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