Who was Alsessando Scotti, who died falling from the balcony in Formigine

Alessandro Scotti, 42, died this morning in Formigine, the victim of a fall from about six meters high. His lifeless body was found lying on the sidewalk around 7 am by a resident of his own building, at the intersection of via Mazzini and via XXV Aprile. The 118 intervention did nothing: the injuries sustained in the fall were too serious. Then came the Carabinieri and the funeral honors for the recovery of the body.

The accident

As reconstructed by the same Arma thanks to the report of the residents Scotti would have slipped in the arduous attempt to return to the house by passing through the balcony. The 42-year-old, in fact, would have been locked out of his apartment and would have tried to re-enter using a window in the stairwell, from which he would then have to jump onto the balcony of the house, on the third floor. But the climbing was not successful and the man slipped, falling into the street.

Grieving family

Scotti had lived only for a few years in that apartment, after the separation from his wife, with whom he had a son who is now an adolescent. He worked as a forklift driver in the ceramic district. The residents of the palace describe him as a polite, modest and very shy person, who did not entertain particular relations with the neighborhood.

For Alessandro Scotti these were very hard hours: just yesterday his father passed away, who died at the age of 75 and whose funeral was scheduled for tomorrow in the parish church of Formigine. Not even 24 hours and the Scotti family, originally from Campania, fell into an even deeper tragedy.

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