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An explosive landing made by a small plane on a busy California highway. A narrow escape. It happened yesterday, Tuesday 9 August, around 1pm (local time). It was a single-engine aircraft who was forced to crash land on freeway 91, east of Los Angeles.

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From the video circulated online and immediately went viral, it seems that at first the pilot manages to land, maintaining control of the aircraft. The tragic moment, however, comes when one of the wings of the small plane collides a pickup truck which at that time was on the highway. After the collision, the four-wheeled vehicle overturns, while the plane begins to turn on itself.

In a few seconds the fuel spreads on the asphalt triggering a fire out of control which soon hits the aircraft. Both the pilot and the passenger managed to miraculously escape to safety, escaping and leaving the plane in time. Fortunately, the driver and the three passengers in the pickup truck also got out unscathed. The tragedy was averted thanks to the timely intervention of the firefighters, who extinguished the flames and freed the entire area. The reason that forced the pilot to make that crash landing is still unknown. Maybe a plane engine failure.

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