Who was Tesla and why does the best selling electric brand bear his name?

Nowadays Tesla stands for electric car. But why the famous American brand chose that name To show it off in your cars?

surname is of a prodigy inventor One who has achieved transcendental progress in study and application Electromagnetism. However, his life was not easy and there was no exemption from Mystery.

born in 1857 in stream Croatia, then belonging to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, nicholas tesla Already from a very young age he stood out for his memory and intelligence. studied first in Graz (Austria) and then in praha (Czech Republic), before starting work as chief engineer of the telephone company of Budapest (Hungary) establishing the first communication network in the country.

later, he left Paris (France) appointed by the company Edison Continental Company, Already owned by the famous American inventor. Soon after, Thomas Edison himself asked him to work with him. america, where the young Tesla moved to settle in New York City.

technical showdown

However, the planned collaboration turned into a Battle between two engineering geniuses. While Tesla, fascinated by rotating magnetic field, bet on alternating current As a source of energy, Edison staunchly defended it DC, Less effective when carried over long distances.

and the reason is that Edison had the patent for this latest technology, so he had lose a lot If Tesla’s innovative ideas had prevailed. So, they tried to discredit him and finally, after many disagreements, Tesla left the company to establish oneself.

made then Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing didn’t travel much when it emerged new disagreement With new investors, who were keen to take advantage of the direct current network. Afterwards lose all your savings, Tesla found himself broke and unemployed as he saw that his peers were already taking advantage of him financially. many inventions.

transformer and bulb

but in 1888, great businessman George Westinghouse purchased all of the inventor’s patents for one million dollars and finally hired him to develop his alternative current generation system and Complete With direct current supported directly by Edison.

Tesla won the game and in 1893 The Westinghouse Company was required by the US government set up an electrical network that covered a vast area technology that he had defended with such foresight.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s mind did not calm down and went into 1890 invented coil who bears his name and who serves raise the tension Power when needed. call is Transformer that equips many today Household appliances and computers. In addition, Tesla will develop light bulb modern lighting and also prevailed Built by Edison in its day, inferior in its performance.

700 world patents

Tesla’s genius was not limited to those great achievements. In 1896 developed a power generation system who took advantage of the hydraulic power of cataracts niagara and a year later they registered a patent for it first radio system barely getting ahead marconi and creating a controversy that lasted for decades.

Other wonderful contributions of this tireless genius were a remote control boat by the great discovery of radio waves or standing waves, that he took the opportunity to demonstrate how it could be transportation electric energy Through the earth’s crust or through the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Overall, Nikola Tesla would set a lifetime record 40 patents in the United States and other 700 Whole world. a world that it will be very different without the advances made by this great scientist in the field of Electricity and Magnetism.

FBI classified documents

always worried about electric power Tesla will reach the most needy population fell into oblivion Despite his incredible achievements. no one was interested in continuing funding their research And yet, persevered tirelessly In his endeavors till the end of his days. In 1928 He registered his latest invention: the Perfection Patent for the Vertical Takeoff Flying Vehicle.

Tesla died in 1948, almost everyone forgot except him FBI, who closely watched him and mysteriously sought all Documentation of his inventions. and although there will be little comprehensive material unclassified, the secret remains The exact scope of its contents.

works on tesla use of free energy or on the wireless transport of electrical energy many unknown and generated many speculations, Which persists even decades after his disappearance.

Now, electric car brand Tesla has revived his memory with its success and his name has come to the fore. Homage who made possible the technology that allowed electrification transportation.

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