who was the 52-year-old killed at the entrance to a beach in Marina di Lesina

His name was Maurizio Cologno, the victim of the deadly ambush that took place late in the morning today in Marina di Lesina, at the entrance to the ‘Holiday’ beach in Punta Pietre nere.

According to the first reconstructions, the man was reached by two hitmen, one of whom exploded several gunshots (at least five), half of which ended up on the bodywork of a car parked nearby. At the crime scene, there was also a scooter that, probably, Cologno used to get around. The swimmers present on the beach would have heard the sound of the shots without however understanding what was happening.
Originally from San Severo, Cologno worked as a parking attendant and as a night watchman.

The images on the scene of the ambush

The fifty-two-year-old from San Severo was already known to the police for crimes against property, outrage and resistance to a public official, extortion, illegal carrying of weapons and drug offenses. On 2 March 2013, while under special surveillance, he was arrested for violation of the preventive measure, aggravated damage, threats and private violence, after breaking down the door of the secretariat of the municipality of San Severo and threatening councilors, employees and the boss. of toilet.

In November 2017 he was arrested following a raid by agents of the Crime Prevention Department. In the Cologno house, under house arrest at the time, the agents noticed the presence of some video surveillance devices placed at every corner along the perimeter of the building; the cameras installed inside the house transmitted the images in real time to a monitor, turned on at the time of the check and located in the living room, to monitor the presence of people outside. Inside the premises, on a table, a large transparent cellophane bag containing substance similar to marijuana was found.

From the subsequent search, 41 grams of marijuana were found, a switchblade with evident traces of narcotic substance in the part of the blade and two transparent cellophane bags with circular cutouts aimed at packaging the individual doses, hidden in rooms used as a basement.

Investigations by the Carabinieri of the Compagnia di San Severo and Lesina are underway on the ambush. No trail – from drug settling of scores to possible links with organized crime – is currently discarded.

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