Why do seniors put a bucket full of ice in the car before leaving? Brilliant

This year, due to the excessive heat, we had really prohibitive temperatures in the car, so much so that some even brought ice in the passenger compartment.

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Not only the high cost of fuel, this summer 2022 is being marked by an uncommon heat that is not a little discouraging motorists from setting off. Temperatures, therefore, risky especially for the elderly.

We will have to be careful, therefore, also about where we park since leaving the car under the sun for several hours will make it a real microwave oven. When we get back on the road, therefore, it will be a real pain.

Some use a bucket with ice to cool their car

The air inside the vehicle, in fact, could quickly reach around 60 or 70 degrees. Among other things, not everyone will have an air conditioner at their disposal to combat these temperatures to say the least prohibitive. Also for this reason, therefore, many motorists have indulged in creative remedies to say the least.

As mentioned, in fact, especially the older ones to cool the air use a ice bucket. This remedy, in fact, dates back even before the invention of air conditioning.

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The latter, moreover, will even be current as a recital method the high fuel consumption of the air conditioner. Despite the excise tax cutin fact, extended just recently, the cost of fuel remains high and wasting it on cold air is a real shame.

But not just ice buckets, there are many ways to cool our cabin. Even simply turn with two windows downin fact, it will circulate the air a lot and everything will be at no cost.

The high temperature that can reach the passenger compartment could make us feel ill

But not just even placing a simple one wet cloth on the air intake fan it will be very useful. As mentioned, however, we cannot ignore the problem since hot flashes are very risky for our health.

The latter, in fact, can bring us dizziness and drowsiness, quite serious ailments if they catch us while we are driving. We also know how it takes very little to end up being the victim of an accident and for this we will have to eradicate the problem from the root.

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But not only will we be able to install a simple one as well fan connectable via USB socket to point us in the face to keep us cool. In short, there will be ways to combat these heat waves.

These tips, therefore, will be particularly useful in a few weeks when, according to the weather forecast, the great heat should return.

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