Why does Zendaya feel stupid being an actress? Estrela explains to Vogue Italia

Zendaya is the cover star of Vogue Italia, which was released this Tuesday (28). The youngest Emmy Award winner for her role in “Euphoria” gave a thoughtful interview to the magazine, in which she spoke about many topics that pertain to her profession.

In addition to explaining her relationship with fans of the hit HBO series, the former Disney actress also said how she feels being an actress, commented on her relationship with fashion and thanked the black women who paved the way for Zendaya to be able to become the biggest name of his generation, as he is today.

In the conversation, the “Spider-Man: No Homecoming” MJ admitted that she sometimes feels a little silly being an actress. “Because it’s like I lie for a living, which may sound ridiculous. But then I remember the stories I’m telling and the reasons behind them. Especially recently with ‘Euphoria.’ So many people have reached out to me and shared their experiences because connect with her, in regards to loss, or addiction, or grief, or mental health and issues with that,” he said.

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Zendaya explains what gives her profession purpose

“People find their connection points with these characters that I feel incredibly lucky to play them and in that sense they seem very connected to me and get to heal and grow and learn and fix the parts of their own past and to This is priceless to me. It gives me purpose”, said the actress, in sequence.

Zendaya thanks women of color who paved the way for her

The “Dune” star acknowledges she’s making history by earning a prominent place in pop culture as a young black woman. About this, she comments: “It’s a strange thing. It’s something you try to be aware of and be aware of, but also not think too much, so it doesn’t get too much into your head. It can be scary and stressful because then the pressure comes and you wants to do it right, because he wants to make a lot of people proud”.

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“However, I feel incredibly grateful to be in this position because without the women from my past, especially the iconic black women who have done what I’ve done before, I wouldn’t be able to exist in this space. So with each new achievement , with every new thing I learn, I hope I can be a part of that payoff and hope it makes it easier for the next person.”

Zendaya talks about her relationship with fashion

Opening her heart about her relationship with fashion, Zendaya reported, “I think about that when I’m playing a character, it’s kind of what Law does. [Roach] (Actress’s stylist and collaborator) and I do it on the red carpet, we curate and create these characters and we’ve just enjoyed it so much over the last few years. I’ve always loved fashion.”

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“I have always loved clothes and they were in many ways a tool of expression. Fashion taught me so much about myself and how to be much braver in so many different ways. It has also helped me in other areas of my life, whether it be in the realm of business or even as an actress, to be more fearless and not worry so much about other people’s point of view about how I look or what I’m wearing.”

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