Why Draghi resigned and what happened with Mattarella at the Quirinale

«For me this experience is exhausted. There are no conditions to go on ». And again: “I would no longer have political viability to continue”. In the two talks at the Quirinale Mario Draghi was very clear with Sergio Mattarella on the government crisis. So clear that the resignation rejected by the Colle little or nothing could change: his collaborators are already working on the speech of Wednesday 20 July. In which will confirm the refusal to move forward in any case. From the Quirinale they speak of “total identity of views” between the two and of no conflict with the President of the Republic. The backstories tell a different story. And they are aiming for the final fall on Wednesday. With the elections on 10 October on background.

The history

First of all the history. The President of the Republic receives the Prime Minister for the first time at the Quirinale when the second call to the Senate is still in progress. The news agency Handle talk about a interview “tense, sometimes even rough”. The premier already has his resignation in his pocket. And to Mattarella he explains that the blackmail and distinction of the majority of national unity cannot continue. The first interview is interlocutory: the Senate in the meantime confirms his confidence, the government crisis is extra-parliamentary, the dismissed CDM is reconvened for 6 pm, when the stock exchanges are closed.

Draghi takes the floor only to read the statement which is immediately released to the press. The pact of trust has failed, he tells the ministers, it is no longer possible to continue. Time for applause and the premier leaves the meeting room. Meanwhile, a bickering starts between the dem Andrea Orlando and the coach Cingolani. For the latter, the former was too tender with Conte and the M5s. Meanwhile, the premier goes up to Colle again and this time gives his resignation. Which Mattarella rejects, also in the hope that a few days of further reflection, also by the parties, could lead to a different outcome that avoids the end of the legislature. A clear “caesura”, and then a Dragons bismoreover, it was one of the suggestions launched by the leader Iv Matteo Renzi, who had recalled not only the parties, but also the premier, to responsibility in the Chamber.

The background

So far the news. The background, on the other hand, also tells something else. The conversation between the two is tense and the relationship is now worn out, writes the Everyday occurrence. According to government sources, Draghi would have proposed Daniele Franco as his successor to Mattarella, just as the newspapers were reporting on the timeless Amato Hypothesis. Referral to the Chambers is an institutional courtesy which, however, could be useless. Given that Draghi would like to confirm his resignation and call them “irrevocable” in his speech before the vote. And La Stampa explains that the problem, for Draghi, is not just the M5s. The fact that Matteo Salvini has asked for a budget variance of 50 billion is seen as a provocation. Draghi does not want to “put reliability, reputation on the line” that has been built over the years.

And when they let him know that the Movement is ready to wave “The Papeete of Draghi” – or rather the title of the Everyday occurrence of today – he is not frightened: “They had to think about it before”, is the quotation marks shown. The head of the government is “disgusted” by “late rethinking” and “Byzantine and alchemy”. After the trip to Algeria there will therefore be the intergovernmental summit, which is confirmed but could be condensed into a single day. Therefore the final showdown will come, they all bet at Palazzo Chigi. After the communications in Parliament, the Prime Minister should announce that he wants to go up to the Quirinale again to resign. Thus blocking the parliamentary vote on his speech. Then it will be up to Mattarella to decide. With the ballot boxes in the background.

The urge to rethink

The quirinalist Marzio Breda on Corriere della Sera goes into even more detail. And he explains that the first interview served Mattarella precisely to push Draghi to rethink. «I understand the difficulties and I understand the reasons you have listed for me. The choice is yours, but I invite you to think about it again. After all, you haven’t been disheartened. Let’s put the resignations aside until Wednesday. Think about it. Then go to Parliament to assess the situation, out of due transparency. I hope you change your mind ”, is the quotation marks attributed to the Head of State. However, Draghi’s words did not leave many glimmers: «President, I resign. But not to get me back in the job. I just leave. Definitely. I’m sorry”. And again: “It makes no sense that I insist on being worn out.”

Stories tense in the M5s

Republic he explains that the path built by Mattarella to parliamentarize the crisis has a clear subtext. That is to say that an agreement is found to pick up where it left off or to go to the vote. This is not just an implicit message in the Quirinal’s choice to reject his resignation and send the prime minister back to the chambers. For the daily Mattarella does not see how forces unable to re-aggregate around Draghi can in a few days find programs and conviction to do so on an alternative solution. And so those who take off must know what the consequences will be.

Meanwhile, the press agency AdnKronos Talks about tense nerves at the M5S National Council meeting, lasted nearly three hours and updated to date. Mouths sewn by the members of the pentastellato organization, but some present tell the agency of moments of great tension. «Better sleep on it, otherwise it ends badly», one of the participants cut short, leaving the meeting. A few words from the leader of the Conte Movement, who he left his headquarters in via di Campo Marzio chased by reporters: «We met and took note of the resignation of President Draghi. He made this decision and we take note of it. We update tomorrow ».

Cover photo by: AdnKronos

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