Why Shakira made the grin on the Super Bowl? This is the gesture that went viral [VIDEO]

He returned to make history. Shakira, the colombian singer got the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami to fill with music, light and color with his incredible performance at half-time in the final of the Super Bowl 2020, which managed to move even to viewers throughout the world who are not fans of the sport.

However, there was a gesture from the colombian did not go unnoticed, becoming immediately in a meme viral that it confused many, as they questioned the meaning of such a grin.

During his presentation, in an instant, the camera falls and she is about directly looking at the lens. No one expected it, but made a gesture with the language in the live broadcast.

This did not go unnoticed by the users of Twitter and other social networks, who immediately began to viralise the gesture, turning it into a meme.

Why did he do that?

The gesture has meaning beyond the memes or a simple gesture. The social networks were responsible for uncovering the meanings of such ‘out of language’.

The first is that the movement of tongue is an expression used in the carnival of Barranquilla, hometown of Shakira. Another meaning is the emotional expression that make lebanese women call Zaghrouta, related to the ancestry of the artist.

The father of Shakira, William Mebarak Chadid, was born in New York of lebanese parents and then emigrated to Colombia, where she was born. But its roots were not left aside: the name ‘Shakira’ comes from Arabic and means “grateful” and “full of grace”.

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