Why was Konami and Kojima’s PT Silent Hills canceled?

Despite the success of PT, Silent Hills was canceled and Kojima left Konami in one of the great mysteries of video game history.

Why was Konami and Kojima's PT Silent Hills canceled?
Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills was unexpectedly announced at the end of PT

amazing event of PT, Silent Hills Playable Teaser which came to PS4 in late 2014, heralded a huge success for the Hideo Kojima-directed Konami game, but it was not to be. Without saying a word, Metal Gear Solid’s creator had a new thing canceled early 2015 already today reasons remain unclear This led to the Japanese creative’s sudden break with the company that had been his home for decades. Within months, the Japanese creative director moved from Two of Konami’s most ambitious projectsleaving the company through the back door and starting one New phase as an independent developer,

Why was Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills cancelled?

has increased different principles about the years Why Silent Hills was canceled and why Hideo Kojima left Konami, This may be one of those stories we’ll never fully understand, but we’ll try to shed some light by following the events of this soap opera step by step. talk comes a long time and its origin before the arrival of pt

The Phantom Pain and Origin of Silent Hills

playing distraction again, as on the occasion when Hideo Kojima announces Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain through a fictional company As someone else, in August 2014, after Gamescom that year, PT suddenly arrived on PS4 An up and coming horror game developed by one such 7780s studio that no one had ever heard of.

Despite being a relatively simple and guided game in terms of its gameplay, PT was all the rage within the horror genre for his proposal in the first person and his well-measured pace, apart from his final surprise in which it was revealed that he was nothing more than a Playable teaser for the new installment of Silent Hillsdirector hideo kojima and in association with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reeduswho played the role of the protagonist.

Despite the collective insanity that seized the networks upon hearing the news, what happened after PT was a Silence from Beyond the Grave by Konami and Kojima Which ended in early 2015. Rumors were confirmed, not only silent hills was canceledBut hideo kojima left konami prior to the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and PT will be removed from the PS4 store forever.

PT’s Legacy

After leaving Konami and Metal Gear Solid V’s development apparently abandoned halfwayA lot of the plans that have come up over the years for the Japanese to eliminate the game, PT Became a Cult Game Due to the impossibility of re-downloading from the PS4 Store and the console with the games downloaded to their hard drive collector’s items that increase their value For unambiguous limits. Some even did PT work on PS5.

Meanwhile, the horror genre was getting closer to that original idea of ​​PT and Kojima’s game inspired for a whole generation of first-person horror games and oppressive environments, From Resident Evil VII to Layers of Fear And many other games that have followed have tried to replicate the Japanese proposal. Even then, Doubt over cancellation of game They continued, and continue, in the air.

The real reason behind Silent Hills’ cancellation and Kojima’s departure

There have been plenty of theories over the years as to why Silent Hills was suddenly canceled, marking the end of Hideo Kojima at Konami after a lifetime of working together. Although we may never know the whole truth about this story, most comprehensive principle is the same Hideo Kojima may have diverted money from Metal Gear Solid V’s development to secretly develop PT and Silent Hills, or what little there was in the game.

This theory was expanded upon by in 2020, when it claimed Freedom of Kojima Productions had already reached a very high level within Konami and made a fool of the company He found out about the existence of Silent Hills from the pressa sport for which, moreover, he would have been destined A priority reserve money for Metal Gear Solid V,

It didn’t take long for this story to be made Denied by Kojima Productionsnow independent, but the only and most plausible theory to date Why Silent Hills was canceled and why Hideo Kojima left Konami so fast. Since then neither side wants to give concrete information about the issue.

“Kojima Productions generally does not comment on rumors or speculation. However, we can confirm that the article recently published on is patently false.”

Today it doesn’t seem likely that Kojima Productions and Konami will be collaborating again on future projects, but only time will tell. While Kojima is working on Death Stranding 2 and that mysterious project with Xbox, Konami is preparing new installments of Silent Hill and a fictional remake of Metal Gear Solid 3.

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