Will Jared Padalecki make a cameo in the series? Jensen Ackles and the showrunner speak

Many would like a Supernatural reunion in The Boys: how are things? Here’s what the interpreter of Soldatino and Eric Kripke said.

The Boys is back up Prime Video wilder than ever last week with the first 3 episodes of the third season (the appointment with a new episode is then renewed every Friday). One of the expected new entries is Jensen Ackles who plays the Super retro Toy soldier (Soldier Boy in original) in some flashbacks. The actor was thus reunited with the showrunner of The Boys Eric Kripkeformer creator of Supernatural, the series that kept him busy for 15 seasons, until last year. But why not expand this reunion by also involving the former co-star (also a close friend of Ackles) Jared Padalecki? Ackles and Kripke have no doubts: they want him aboard The Boys, perhaps for a cameo, as soon as it is available.

The Boys: Eric Kripke wants Jared Padalecki in the series

Talking with Variety, both Kripke and Ackles have expressed a desire to work side by side with Padalecki again. But, at the same time, they said they are aware that the actor is very busy (with Walker on The CW and then also with the prequel series of the latter, Walker: Independence, of which he is executive producer). “I would love a cameo from Jared! He’s always welcome on the show. Until now he was on a show that has a lot of episodes, like a lot more than eight. So he’s working all year and now he’s producing his own spin-off. and he’s got a whole empire going on down there. He’s a busy man. And it’s hard to even tell when he’s free. But if he was free and he was currently unemployed, I’d put him in The Boys in the blink of an eye, “said Eric Kripke.

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Padalecki isn’t the only other Supernatural veteran Kripke would like to involve in the Prime Video series. The showrunner is trying to involving Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Boys for a whileeven though Morgan has been quite busy in the The Walking Dead, who will now also dedicate a spin-off to his character Negan. It is still unclear whether Morgan will ultimately manage to make a cameo in season 4 of The Boys (still not made official by Prime Video, but very likely). Meanwhile, get Padalecki to star in The Boys it’s not just a question of the actor’s availability; Kripke would like to pack for him a role suited to his pedigree and his way of being. But once the stars align, it will really only be a matter of time, so let’s look forward to it.

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Recall that The Boys season 3 is streaming on Prime Video every Friday with a new episode, until July 8

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