Will Smith revealed that his acting role model is Tom

The life wisdom Arnold Schwarzenegger shared with Smith was more complex. “You are not a movie star if your movies are only popular in America. You are not a movie star until every person in every country of the world knows who you are. You have to travel all over the world, shake all hands, kiss every child. to think of himself as a politician applying for the position of the greatest movie star in the world, “the famous Arnie confessed to Will in 1996 at the opening of the Australian branch of the Planet Hollywood restaurant.

Smith set out to use that advice and find the actor who best followed these words. Such an actor, in his opinion, was then Tom Cruise.

“I quietly started following Tom Cruise’s promotional activities. When I was visiting a country to promote my film, I asked local filmmakers to share with me a schedule of Cruise’s promotional activities. in each country I will be promoting my films for two hours a day longer than he does, “Smith wrote in his memoirs.

Tom Cruise during the shooting of “Mission Impossible 7” in Rome in October this year. (Photo: Elisabetta A. Villa / GC Images)

However, he quickly gave up. “Unfortunately, Tom Cruise is either a cyborg or there are six. I have heard reports of his four and a half hour meetings on red carpets in Paris, London, Tokyo. In Berlin, Tom would sign autographs to literally everyone until there was no one left to want from him. autograph. Cruise’s worldwide promotional efforts made him the best in Hollywood in this respect, “praises his colleague Smith.

But eventually he found a way to beat Cruise and more than just him. Using his musical talent and experience in this field, Smith made sure that the promotion of each film was accompanied by his live music performance, which attracted thousands of new fans.

“Tom couldn’t do that. Neither Arnold, Bruce or Sly. I found my way out of the entertainment news segment to the front page of the media. And when your movies are no longer just entertainment but serious news, they stop being movies and start be a cultural phenomenon, “Smith summed up his recipe for success.

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