Will Smith risks losing everything due to Oscar night. It’s the end of his career

Will Smith is in danger of losing everything due to the night of the Oscars. It is the end of his career (On Monday 4 April 2022)

Will Smith take risks Of to lose his next films after the slap in the face oscar. Netflix has paused the production of the film Fast and Loose, while the fate of Bad Boys 4 and Emancipation is also uncertain. A week has passed since the slap of Will Smith to Chris Rock but still the world of American entertainment (and not only) discusses the consequences of that gesture. In the last few days the same Smith has resigned from the Academy of the oscar, from the which he was part of along with many fellow actors, directors and other professionals from the seventh art: “The list of those I have hurt is long and includes Chris, his …Read on cityroma


twittertrash_italiano : # Oscar2022: Will Smith slaps Chris Rock after a joke by the latter about his wife Jada Smith’s hair… – ClaMarchisio8 : If Will Smith leads like that, then why didn’t he defend himself when the ball hit the heads of those Vikings over there? There… – Giorgiolaporta : NO to the violence of Will Smith’s fist. YES to arms in #Ukraine. A psychiatrist is not enough, you need an exorcist … – filippopos : RT @claudiocerasa: The number of Salvini tweets dedicated to the violence of Putin’s Russia in the last thirteen days. Many tweets cont … – waitingvhaz : RT @artvhazza: will smith are canceling all his contracts and postponing the films but to ezra miller, ansel elgort, amber heard and co … –

Amy Schumer Reveals the Joke About ‘Rust’ Shooting Cut From the Oscars

While reflecting on Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, Amy Schumer called out the fact that some of her jokes were not allowed on stage that night. Will Smith and Chris Rock’s 2022 Oscars Incident: …

Amy Schumer: jokes about Will Smith and Rust during her first show since the 2022 Oscars

Amy Schumer, during her first live show since the 2022 Oscars, made jokes about Will Smith and Rust. The actress was one of the presenters of the evening and was the protagonist on the stage of the Mirage Theater in Las Vegas. Actress Amy Schumer said: “I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but …

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