Will the Fame MMA star fight at KSW? Surprising words from the head of the federation

Saturday’s FAME MMA 12 gala aroused, as always, great emotions. In the fight of the evening, a rather unexpected decision was made. In the boxing fight, the former KSW champion Marcin Wrzosek lost to the well-known from the reality show “Warsaw Shore” Kasjusz “Don Kasjo” Życiński. It was decided by the judges with a unanimous decision, which again aroused a lot of controversy.

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A defeat in a duel with “Don Kasjo” will have very unpleasant consequences for Marcin Wrzosek. As previously announced by one of the owners of KSW, Maciej Kawulski, the former featherweight champion will lose the opportunity to appear at the gala of the most popular federation in Poland, at least for some time. Everything was clearly established before the fight, because the competitor decided to perform at FAME MMA against the wishes of his current employers.

Mateusz BorekMateusz Borek will work at KSW again. “I will not comment on the gal”

After FAME MMA 12, Martin Lewandowski, another KSW owner, also commented on the matter. – We have such an unwritten rule that two or three losses, depending on who we are talking about. But on average, if we say two or three losses, we part with the player – he said in an interview with Mateusz Kaniowski. – It was Marcin’s request and we agreed to it. We didn’t really like it in that sense, because we had a plan. We are people, we can understand the players’ needs. He knew what was at stake and that losing automatically made us part ways. For a long time, because I would not like to close this door somehow – he added.

At the end, the 46-year-old surprised everyone with his suggestion about the slayer of Wrzoska, or “Don Kasjo”. – If someone goes to that federation “x”, which has any sports inspiration. But I do not recognize what is happening on the basis of such sports. He gets the “papa” from the guy. Well, probably the one who won with him should come to us or we should invite him to talks so that he can start fighting in the MMA formula – said Lewandowski.

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On December 18, the KSW 65 gala will take place in Gliwice. The long-awaited hit match between the federation legend Mamed Khalidow and the current welterweight champion Roberto Soldic will take place there.

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