Will there be a huge twist on Britney Spears?

Jamie Lynn Spears has made headlines almost every day in recent months. Since the fight to free Britney intensified, fans accused Jamie Lynn of not supporting her sister. After these allegations were poured out, Jamie Lynn said on social media that she strongly supports what Britney wants to do.

Jamie Lynn’s husband Jamie Watson revealed his family’s attitude towards Britney’s return: “I can assure you that the family loves her and wants the best for her,” said Watson, who married Jamie Lynn in 2014. This week, fans supporting the #FreeBritney movement spotted something interesting in a selfie on social media posted by Jamie Lynn.

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Jamie Lynn’s husband caught viewing Britney Spears’ Instagram account

Jamie Lynn Spears shared a bikini photo on her Instagram account. Her husband Jamie Watson is also pictured. Watson is sitting at a desk with two computers in front of a mirror. He is also holding the phone in his hands and is watching something carefully. Hawk-eyed internet users noticed that this is one of Britney Spears’ posts on Instagram!

Britney Spears harshly referred to the paparazzi. “Stop distorting my photos and editing them in such an embarrassing way!”

Jamie Lynn later removed the photo. Of course, fans immediately started gossiping about Watson peeking at Britney’s social media post. “Jamie Lynn and her husband are obsessed with Britney,” one fan tweeted. “The biggest twist would be that Jamie Lynn and her husband run Instagram Britney,” wrote another social media user.

What do you think about it?

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