WinAmp is back! But get ready for big changes

WinAmp – once an indispensable element of any event, it appeared in April 1997. For many years, the program was the most popular music player for computers, until the sales turmoil between its owner – Nullsoft, and the American giant AOL. It was these changes that made it WinAmp it did not stand the test of time and competition from not only iTunes, but also streaming services music and video services.

Now the legendary brand has a chance to return. All thanks to the current owner, the company AudioValley, which presented a handful of information on the future of the player on its website.

As the description shows – WinAmp will undergo huge changes. The program, probably like the competition, will offer the opportunity to listen to music online. The offer will also include music podcasts and radio stations. Could it mean that WinAmp will come back as streaming platform?

Given the popularity of this type of service, we wouldn’t be surprised in any way. The question, however, is whether a well-recognized name alone is enough to compete with a lot of competition.


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